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Transferring / Re: Texas Tech
« on: July 28, 2009, 12:31:54 PM »
BigFatBox - thanks for your detailed response.
LawMan - thanks for your opinion.

I'm currently at a T4 school in Michigan.  For now I prefer not to say where I am currently studying for various reasons.  There's only 2 T4 schools in Michigan so take your pick, I don't see a big difference between the 2 anyways.  I do not have a scholarship.  Full time tuition here is around $27,000, while full time tuition for non-residents at TTU is $21,000.  If and when I become a resident of Texas, my tuition will only be $17,000.  I also researched that Lubbock is $100-$150 cheaper in per-month rent rates for apartment units.  I am a resident of California, so I am a bit closer to friends and family.  I want to do IP law of some sort and TTU has the facilities and the concentration/classes fit for that field of law.  In a perfect world, I would want to practice law in either Nevada or California.  Just be reading over TTU's OCI program, it seems like I will have better opportunities at TTU in landing a summer job/clerkship compared to the school I am currently in.

What do you think?  TTU good enough to transfer to even though I would want to practice law in Cali?

Transferring / Texas Tech
« on: July 28, 2009, 02:00:32 AM »
I'm currently finsihing up my first year at a T4 law school.  Just got my first transfer acceptance letter.  Need to know if Texas Tech is a good law school.  It is currently ranked in Tier 3 but after being on ther website, it seems like they should be at least T50-100.  Bar passage rates are always near the top (90%) and their advocacy teams seem to be either champs or runner-ups.  It boggles my mind how Texas Tech can be ABA approved since 1969 but can't seem to crack the top-100.

Anyone have helpful information to share about Texas Tech (i.e. reputation, social life, professors, job prospects, OCIs, etc)?  I would appreciate it!

Studying for the LSAT / I need a Tutor for Feb-2007 LSAT
« on: December 19, 2006, 10:01:05 AM »
I work full time and live near Cal State Fullerton (Orange County).  Let me know if anyone is available to tutor.  Thanks!


Law School Admissions / Re: *For those that are in this special situation*
« on: December 12, 2006, 10:46:30 AM »
Got information from another student that recently visited law schools regarding this matter/situation.

- You guys are right, one heck of a personal statement is NEEDED!  It needs to address the problem that caused the dismissal and show how it has been resolve AND persuade the admissions committee why you will be successful in law school this time around.

- Letters of recomendations should also address this issue in some way.

- Applying to a lower tier CAN help.

- Employment history showing your maturity and responsibility.

- Paraelgal certificate showing your dedication and interest in the field of law and having a good GPA in the Paralegal Program should help.

- Depending on the school, applying to a PART-TIME DAY program showing the committee that you are willing to take it slow and to make sure the load of classes will not be overwhelming.

- Or wait 5 years and retake the LSATs and kick ass.

Law School Admissions / *For those that are in this special situation*
« on: December 11, 2006, 02:37:14 PM »
If anyone here knows of, heard of, or is one of those aspiring to continue law school after you have been academically dismissed from an ABA-accredited law school....please post your stories or experiences here. 

I know that 99% of those applying to law school have never been to law school and probably aren't interested in this post.  But there are students that have been academically dismissed and they are in a unique or interesting situation.  Hardly anything is written about this and so I wanted to make an effort to put this on the forefront in hopes of obtaining valuable and useful information and advice.  Thank you everyone! 

1.   Do ABA-accredited law schools accept students that have been academically dismissed?  If so, do they have a special policy or process for admitting them?  What does that student have to do?
2.   How can a student in this situation can do in order to enhance his/her chances to be admitted back into an ABA-accredit law school?
3.       Do they have to re-take the LSATs?
4.       Does employment history help the application of the student?
5.       Does being a certified paralegal help?
6.   Any further recommendations or related experiences/stories that may help?

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