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Love the user name ^^^

Arrested Development?

you know it

the best is when they refer to "Bob Loblaw's Law Blog."  Say it out loud, it's funny

The only matchup that matters is Florida's D-line vs. OSU's O-line...if they can't get consistent pressure on Troy Smith and their running game, they will get gashed over and over like everybody else.  Florida can't win this game in a shootout.  They also will need every turnover to go their way.  Possible?  yes...but I wouldn't put it close to 50/50.

Oh and I bet OSU won't be ready for Tebow when he comes in...since the plays he runs are always so diverse.  Tebow up the middle.  Tebow up the middle.  Tebow off-tackle.  Tebow up the middle.  Tebow fakes up the middle, then passes.  Tebow up the middle.

Tebow might have a good run or two, but will generally be a non-factor.  Urban Meyer is not stupid enough to hand over the controls in a national title game to a freshman over a 4-year starter.  Florida playing lights-out D is the only way they win.

Florida fans need to take off their blinders, acknowledge they are playing a better team, and root for their boys to pull off the upset.

I gotta round my #'s because I can't remember exactly:

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Law School Rankings / Re: List your 2 most coveted schools
« on: December 08, 2006, 12:53:19 AM »
UGA and Arizona

Ideally, one will accept me and one will reject me so I don't have to choose

Where should I go next fall? / Re: Law Schools "Chats"
« on: December 08, 2006, 12:44:41 AM »
I would try to get some entertainment out of it at least.  For instance, I asked the IU people why I should attend IU over Illinois and their answers were pretty funny...they all piled on pretty well


Only a true fan can support her team without resorting to logic. The gators will win because I love them and I said so :)

This is the correct argument for Florida fans to make...irrational fans are tough to argue with.  This is precisely the type of thing I hear from Buckeye fans all year long around here and I learned to stop fighting it about a decade ago.  Except this time, those homers are right.  There have been much bigger upsets in the past, however, so I would not be totally surprised if your Gators pull it off

I agree that Florida deserves to be in the game because they had a one-loss season with a murderous schedule, but I don't know why some people are discounting what OSU accomplished this year on the basis of their schedule.  They did this: lined up and systematically dismantled everybody they the tune of ONLY TWO games being single-digit wins (and most people would agree those two games weren't that close).  Florida, on the other hand, could have easily lost to Tennessee and S. Carolina and had a lot of trouble putting away Georgia, FSU, and Bama...not to mention that they actually lost a game.  All of this while keeping in mind that OSU has more overall talent at virtually every position (subjective) makes it easy to see why they are the clear favorite.

By the way, Michigan was really good this year.  Anybody saying their defense wasn't absolutely nasty might as well be shouting "I DIDN'T WATCH THEM PLAY UNTIL I SAW THE OSU/MICHIGAN GAME!"


The Buckeyes will not be able to run the football all night.

Just like they couldn't run against the best rush defense in the land?  Oh wait...nevermind.

Not too tough for Michigan to be the #1 rush defense in the land when you only beat one ranked opponent all season (Notre Dame).  I'm sure the Wolverines rush defense really had to be good to hold Vanderbilt, Central Michigan, Northwestern, Ball State, and Indiana to low rushing yards.  We won't even get into how terrible Penn State, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota were this year.

But my point isn't even about Michigan.  It's about OSU, and how easy they've had it all season.  They played 4 top 25 teams.  Two were legitimate (Michigan, Texas), but 2 were wannabes that dropped out of the top 25 by the end of the season (Penn State, Iowa).  Rough schedule.

Let's look at Florida's opponents: 4 top 25 opponents, all of whom are still in the top 25 at the end of the season (#18 Tennessee,#4 LSU,#10 Auburn, and #13 Arkansas).  All four of those teams were in the top 15 when they played the Gators.  Three of them still are.  And they've been battling scrappy Southeastern Conference teams all year, not Cincinnati and Northern Illinois.  The Gators came out the other side of this schedule 12-1, their single loss on an extremely questionable official review.

Two unranked teams beaten by the Gators, Georgia and Florida State, had top 15 ranked defenses in the country, by the way.  No one else has faced the strength of teams Florida has, especially the defenses.

You want to compare offenses?

Ave. total offense         OSU 409 ypg, UF 398 ypg
Ave. rushing offense     OSU 180 ypg, UF 160 ypg

Wow, I guess OSU is better in both categories.  The difference is they do it against Cincinatti, Indiana, Northern Illinois, and Bowling Green.

Florida's schedule is an excellent justification for getting into the title game over Michigan, but that's where it stops.  Congrats, you played more tough teams (although you also played your share of dogs too) go beat the Buckeyes.  Nobody else has in like 18 games.  Your description of OSU's offense is inaccurate because you fail to mention that half of their games involved them being up by 30+ points early on and then they go conservative to run out the clock.  Tressel does not run the score up on purpose...I can't imagine their numbers if he did.  Looking solely at YPG is misleading.  I think they are just a little better than Florida at virtually every position and that's why they will win.

The scary part is, their defense is playing about as well as they did in '02 when they won the title...and they are mostly underclassmen.  If they can replace Troy Smith next year, watch out

Law School Applications / Re: T2--->T4 Status checkers
« on: December 07, 2006, 02:11:06 PM »

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