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Sorry, I didn't see this post until now. Jack got a 158 I think. (I know he was higher than me! LOL) Our GPAs are about the same at 3.7. Although, I don't know if you can go by Jack because his dad went to Villanova undergrad and his aunt went to Villanova Law. So I'm sure that's gotta count for something.

I , on the other had, have still not heard and am giving up hope...I think I may just try again next year.

John is right Saria, it's not over yet. This whole admissions proceses is so random, and it seems like WL admissions are even MORE random. You just never know. :)

That is good info. Anybody else heard anything?

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Penn State
« on: July 07, 2007, 09:27:39 AM »
Actually I sent a letter (an e-mail, really) of continued interest after my LSAT retake score came in last week. Then the Dean replied to the e-mail, asking if the PT program was something I'd be interested in. She then said she'd get back to me at the end of next week. Doesn't sound too promising, but I figured I'd better get the info on the PT program so that IF I get a PT offer I'll know if I want to accept. Hope that helps.

Are you still on the WL? Have you been in touch with admissions/offered admission to PT?

This is a great post for all incoming law students, it seems like. Thank you :)

2005 Graduates
Total graduates: 197
Graduates known to be employed at graduation: N/A
Starting Salaries (2005 Graduates Employed Full-time)
Private sector (25th-75th percentile): $45,000 - $110,000
Median in the private sector: $61,500
Percent in the private sector who reported salary information: 91%
Median in public service: $42,500

Damn, a tier 4 law school has about the same career placement as places like UConn or Loyola.

Yeah, Duquesne just slipped down to T4 this year. It has a really high acceptance rate of 52% though, and I wonder if they accepted fewer people (gave out fee waivers or something) would it be able to rise in the rankings a bit.  Just about all of the other stats seem decent (not TOP law school kind of decent, but not T4 territory). Also I think career placement is decent because lots of UPitt grads try to leave the city of Pittsburgh now, and that is really the only competition in the Pittsburgh area.

That's just my take. Any thoughts are appreciated.

This is a great post for all incoming law students, it seems like. Thank you :)

Studying for the LSAT / Re: A Proposal
« on: July 06, 2007, 04:43:32 AM »
Even if adcoms have never taken the LSAT, they still know a good potential student when they see one. 

It's like how Simon Cowell doesn't sing but it is somehow appropriate for him to critique the singing ability of others on American Idol.  :D

Thank you both! You're very helpful :)

Oh I see, thanks.

So I guess June '07 wasn't the kind of misbubbling that a handscore would help. That must be frustrating...even though your 168 is amazing. Your dedication is really admirable, fwiw. :)

I'm interested in part-time programs solely. I'd appreciate it if you guys or gals can help me assess my chances. 3.2, took the LSAT 4 times. I have a cancel, 150, 148, and a 168. I completely and totally screwed up my first 3 times. I took a year off, got my head together, decided I really wanted to be a lawyer and just got my June 2007 LSAT score - 168. 6 years WE,, very good LOR's, one very good EC, which I;m involved, had some good EC's during college, etc. Applying to Fordham, Brooklyn, Cardozo, St. Johns all part-time. What does everybody think? Thanks so much.

I thought three times was the limit? How did you take it four times? Sorry if you already answered this, I'm just curious.

Congrats on that 168! :)

I just wanted to say congrats to PUSH!!!  and hang in there, darlinalexi.  If it doesn't work out this year, there's always next.  I took 2 years off in between my cycles, retook the LSAT (I only scored 2 points higher, and it sounds stupid, but with the new policy, a 158 looked way better than a 156) and was much happier with my choices.

I guess I never posted it in this thread, but I passed my junior moves in the field test in figure skating 2 weekends ago on my first try (haven't passed a moves test on the first try since pre-juvenile!  The testing system goes pre-preliminary, preliminary, pre-juvenile, juvenile, intermediate, novice, junior, senior, so it's been a long road!!).  Senior moves are freaking hard, though!  At least I'm almost done. :)

Oh, and I just got my loans approved today.  Whoo! :P

Hey just out of curiosity how long did it take you to get your loans approved, from the time you applied? I understand if you don't want to answer. I am waiting on WLs and I'm trying to put off getting loans a little longer.Thanks and CONGRATS to you! :)

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