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Current Law Students / Re: Racism Hurts
« on: October 04, 2006, 10:04:59 PM »
Well look on the bright side if you get pulled over in your fancy schmancy car and the cops do something wrong you are a step ahead of the game, because you are an attorney (Welcome to being Black in America). I hope you didn't think because you use proper English, live in a gated communnity, with a nice car, well paying job, and a graduate degree that you were somehow excused? (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)Think again. Some people will still view you the same way they view some guy who sits on the corner and drinks 40's all day and breaks in cars at night all because you have the same skin color, there will be alot of women that will dart the other way or grab their purse because they think oh this guy is going to attack me (eventhough its the middle of the day in a business district, you have on a suit, and are carrying a briefcase, how threatening). Oprah has more money than you do and they called the cops on her. Attorneys get paid daily because racism does indeed exist. (DESPITE WHAT SOME OF THE PEOPLE WHO DONT EXPERIENCE IT MAY THINK). I live in the south I could give countless stories, but there is not enough space on this box to write them all . My husbands uncle got pulled over a few times when he was an attorney, ever since he became a Judge it's amazing how that all came to a screeching halt. And this business about you losing confidence over some Broad you knew in a bar for a few minutes?? Man you have some deep-rooted insecurities if you let her break you that easy. Look my Dad is kida old. When he grew up they had the colered water fountains , separate schools, and yadda yadda yadda. My dad always taught me not to abandon who I am (no matter how much education and or money I have I am still black) and to always work very hard to strive for excellence. Because between the media, narrow mindsets, and statistics many have extremely low expectations for you. And once you cross all of the T's and dot all of the I's you have to have thick skin becaue you still have to coexist in midst of all of this foolishness. In a perfect world we are ALL EQUEAL. But this is America we al larent treated as such. When race kept Thurgood Marshall out of U of MD, he went to Howard, now  U MD wants to name buildings after him, if he had given up things may have been different today, who knows. Oh and by the way (reality check) don't assume that in 100% of the cases just because you have a couple of lettters behind your name that you are always intellectually superior to someone else. There are members of Mensa that have GED's and there are people that live under bridges that are way smarter than you. Ill never forget it I was at school and this janitor overheard me talking about my pre-calc homework this older black man put down his mop and helped me with my work (you never know)

(HAHA) (I watch too much Dave Chapppele)
Just Kidding

Take Care

Incoming 1Ls / Conditional Admission
« on: February 26, 2007, 05:39:17 PM »
 ???I just received an invitation participate in a conditional admission program. It runs about 6 weeks is $1250 and includes room and board as well as books. Has anyone ever participated in any of these programs? If so do you know what the attrition rate was?

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