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Neither name is going to carry you outside of NJ and PA. Deciding based on the name is a terrible idea.

I'd go to the school that's cheaper. Can you get in-state tuition at R-C? If so go there.

Yes, the OP should go to the cheaper school, unless the OP definitely prefers to live in one state over another (or wants to live near Philly; R-C actually might have more pull there than PSU).

From what I remember, Penn State doesn't offer an in-state tuition discount to anyone (even PA residents) and is essentially run like a private law school.

You're correct. 

all other factors aside, just on the name of the school, where would you go?

I really, really hope you're not basing your decision on that!  :)

A friend of mine went to an ACS talk in the Loop, which featured four Federal judges talking about clerkships (7th CoA, ND IL, Magistrate).

The gist of the speech was clerking is risibly competitive, at all levels, at this time.  The Magistrate judge said that he hired someone from a T20, on the Editorial Board of their Law Review.  With previous clerking experience!  And years of BigLaw practice!

Ugh.  That's what I figured.

Do you *need* LR to land a clerkship, especially in this economic climate?  :-\

Don't waste your time with Barry. Stetson is good if you want to practice in Tampa. Don't know much about FIU, but there is already a lot of competition in the South Florida legal market with at least 3 other law schools, plus the competition of UF and FSU law.


Most people seem to like it well enough. About the only people that aren't huge on Tallahassee are, generally speaking, the UF transplants, Orlando people, and Miami people. The UF people seem to think UF is the greatest place on Earth (despite apparently being rejected by UF's law school...) and the Orlando and Miami people seem to not like the comparatively small size of Tallahassee. Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Tampa, and out of state people seem to enjoy the city for various reasons.

Well, I'd guess that most people in any city will attempt to like the city they live in. I know that's true for Gainesville, and any other place in which I live.  Many people from the bigger cities of Florida don't like Gainesville at first, but it "grows" on them, I guess.   

I have no complaints about Tallahassee.  I just don't think it's a "clear-cut" advantage.   :)

Being in the capitol. No need to leave the city (and probably male private part around with subletting and loans) if you can find a job in Tallahassee.

That's fair.  However, I would guess that most people don't want to live in Tallahassee or the panhandle, even at your school!  :)

I think this was a joke that mised its mark

I was thinking that this might be the case. 


Welcome to the one clear cut advantage of FSU. :)

What clear-cut advantage are you referring to?  :)

Transferring / Re: Is transfering worth it?
« on: July 14, 2009, 07:43:40 AM »
I would transfer.  Although I agree that teaching from either school would probably be difficult, obtaining a judicial clerkship would be a lot easier.  ND had 3 SCOTUS clerks in the last 8 years and no offense, I doubt your T3 has the same stats.  Good luck deciding and congrats on the acceptance.

While those stats are impressive for ND, don't judges/justices look at GPA?  Getting a good GPA at ND will be difficult, even for someone with a great GPA from a T3 school, with all due respect.

But getting a clerkship at a T3 is tough, especially depending on location.  I honestly don't know what to tell the OP....

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