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Yeah, all the names of guys I can think of also are part white/black/hispanic. In movies where the main character is an Asian guy (at least American movies) I haven't one yet where the guy got to even kiss the girl in the end, let alone do anything else with her. Well, okay, the ones I'm thinking of include non-Asian women as the love interest. I think there is a slow change happening though. There aren't alot of Asian roles out there in American movies/TV for main characters that don't include martial arts. It's strange because the Asian-American population is growing, you'd think Hollywood would catch up with the times.

You only exist in Hollywood if you are commercially viable.
People (women) pay attention to this. And what do you think it does for the relative self-esteem of the Asian American male. Especially when the only "Asian" sex symbols are part something else, usually Caucasian.

What about "The Replacement Killers" Chow Young Fat and Mira Sorvino. He is a total bad-ass, and she is uber sexy. Tons of sexual tension, and they do not even kiss. Asian males are only acceptable in stereotypes, non-sexually threatening roles.
Chop-socky, algebra, and "Dong, where is my automobile?"
Yeah, totally not insulting.
I'm sure.

It's not finalized yet. Evidently there is a lot of uncertainty, and upheaval. The Dean of Penn State still wants a law school, and there is unsubstantiated rumour that he may try to set one up at some future date.

The current Dean of PSU may not go along if PSU-Dickinson becomes a part of Dickinson College. Many of the professors are particularly unsure of what may or may not happen.

If PSU Law transfers ownership to Dickinson College then will the ABA remove their ABA affiliation?

I wanted to go there because they had recently hired some kick-ass All World faculty in some specialties I was interested in. It's too soon to tell what may happen, but nevertheless, I'm pretty bummed. I thought they were really going places.

what school is that?

Penn State is undergoing discussion to transfer ownership of their law school to Dickinson College.

wtf are you talking about?

The real story is that there used to be a Dickinson College School of Law, which was bought out by PSU when PSU couldn't convince the state to provide them with a charter for a new law school (supposedly, PA already had enough law schools: Pitt, Duquesne, Penn, Dickinson, Temple, and Villanova).

Needless to say, there was quite an uproar amongst Dickinson Law alumni, who understandably did not want to be associated with that third tier toilet, Penn State.

Accordingly, PSU has had a hell of a time trying to get the Dickinson School of Law uprooted from Farleigh-Dickinson's campus and onto PSU Main campus.

I'm not sure what the status of the move is, but I HIGHLY doubt PSU is trying to sell it back.

I'm talking about this.

"Penn State says it would be inclined to cede the Dickinson School of Law to its unrelated neighbor, Dickinson College. The deal would hinge on settling up with Penn State on the $8.5 million it has invested in the law school since the merger and a $4 million loan. "

"One month after its plans for The Dickinson School of Law collapsed, Penn State University may end its affiliation with the school and hand it over to Dickinson College.

The university and Dickinson College announced yesterday they are discussing the idea of a merger between the Carlisle institutions. No timeline is established for making a decision. "


But the point I think with EShaker's question is valid and the ramifications suck.

Caucasian, Latin, and African-American men and women are portrayed with equal vigor in marketing their relative attractiveness and sexuality.

Whereas Asian women are considered by the media, and the average consumer as much more attractive and sexually viable then the Asian male.

Quick name 3 Asian males that are sex symbols on the same footing as an equivalent Asian female sex symbol. And I'm talking same sexual impact that crosses cultures and nations?

Name an Asian male that was on the cover of a magazine for the purposes of being an attractive sexual commodity?

Name an Asian male that is used in a film as sexual window dressing?

Asian males in Western countries (and even in Asia) are simply not sexualized.

So the messsage is if Asian males are not going to be considered sexy, and have no role models on which to base their sexual attractiveness on then why bother?

Maybe with media becoming more diverse this will change. Not that helps any.

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But as far as more beautiful people per capita...

I'd say any area that requires face time as a requirement for industry or employment.

So Los Angeles (Hollywood), San Fernando Valley (Fist-Books, Smut peddlers, and naughty movies), New York (5th Avenue), Paris (Fashion)

...and based on the previous...not Philly.

Does Philly have an antipode? That would be the hottest place ever.

Surface of the sun sexy.

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I read somewhere that you don't know what ugly really is unless you travel a lot.

There is tons of ugly out there. Ugly like a sack full of assholes.

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Seattle is an Asian-fest.  Yummy for me! 

Asians suck. Too outdoorsy, uber-liberal, and passive aggressive.

Great scenery though.

May I ask where you got this awesome point of view?

he's asian.

he was kidding.

Awww you ratted me out. I was hoping to get rousted by the PC Police.

And I'm Filipino-American...which is barely Asian.

Fair enough. How about sparser/thinner/less hair in comparison to non-Asian females.

Overall yes, on a case by case basis...oh boy.

Of course. Isn't it always on a case by case basis.
There will be that one Asian female with heinous creeping back hair, but she is the exception that proves the rule.

Fair enough. How about sparser/thinner/less hair in comparison to non-Asian females.

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