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God bless Muzak...

What you never developed a preference for a type of writing implement? I hate bic pens, I would be just as annoyed if I were forced to write my writing sample with one of them. Little things do make a difference. Its not the end of the world but it is annoying and it can affect scores. With the competitiveness of this process I think I have a right to be annoyed at anything I think hurts my chances.


it not new section, skippy, just moderate variation on one of four r.c. texts.

take few deep breaths.

If that is the truth, I am not concerned...However that isn't how I read it. I was thinking they were replacing a section. If that's not the case I apologize for being alarmist. All told I am actually more bummed by the timer and mechanical pencil things, especially the pencils

Yup, I have kind of had an epiphany during the cycle and I pretty much want to either go to University of Washington or a Top 14 because I very much want to work in Seattle. Law isn't a dream for me, its another set of likely interesting schooling and a chance at more money etc. I don't have a dream job, never have, so they are all a matter of necessary evil. If I can get more money with little or no downside, great. But I am not going to take on the 90k in debt if I can't make the big bucks in the market I want to provide the appropriate cash flow.

Yeah, I got the most obscene case of writer's block ever when it came to the PS. As such I got delayed. I really wasn't expecting that much WL action. Oddly enough I'm still waiting to hear from Duke, which was the first app I put out.

I'm not only concerned about the no digital thing (I will admit it, it takes me longer to mentally process the analog) and the fact that I have to count up instead of down (again, just the way my brain works). But there are a number of other regulations i.e. no more mechanical pencils...I use mechanical pencils exclusively. I am actually convinced I lost three to four points on my last LSAT because I used a different mechanical pencil on test day for the first section. Beyond all of that. I am concerned about the NEW SECTION TYPE! All in all, reading comp is pretty easy for me, but I don't like the idea of being a guinea pig for a new type as well as having to go in with a dearth of available practice material. I think LSAC is publishing like one section. It's never appeared on another test so there is nothing to go off. I suppose Kaplan and TM etc. will have to generate some of their own sections but I doubt I'll be taking a test course.

Bottom line is I was hoping to bump myself up into the 170 range, but its a total crap shoot now, because its a different and somewhat unknown test. And with most schools averaging scores, you run a pretty good risk of lowering your application score.

I would like to see what these changes do to the median scores for this test. I bet they are significantly lower than past years.

Freak out OUT.

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Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: University of Washington
« on: April 06, 2007, 07:47:44 AM »
   Rejection letter from UW came today.

 I've got a 177/3.3. What the bleep are they looking for? My index on LSN is over 95, with the average accepted index being about 93, and the highest rejected index being a 93.9 or something similar.

  I got waitlisted at UVA (also out of state), which I think would be a heck of a lot tougher than getting accepted to UW. The problem is that a waitlisting at UVA doesn't do me any good and UW was one of my top choices.

 This one hurts. 

Sorry to hear that...

Are you in-state?  UW has a goal to enroll 70% in-staters(if I remember correctly from their website), and this may have been a factor if you are out-of-state.

Also they may have thought you were overqualified and rejected you for yield protection.  I have gathered on this board that UW's admission standards are pretty random and unpredictable. 

I am still waiting for my UW letter...

What does "yield protection" mean? I didn't read the 70% stat on the web, but I will certainly go back to look for it since I would be an out-of-stater applicant.

I've been watching UW on LSN, and I'm fraking scared of that school. I see a lot of quality getting rejected. Don't they "claim" to accept/enroll 20% of students 30+? Frankly that was one of the factors that attracted me to them..that and their incredible facilities.

My gpa would garner me an auto-reject if they really are so strict with GPA. I don't know whether to keep or remove them from my app list.

They seem EXTREMELY selective given their ranking, but to be honest Seattle University is just as oddly selective, leading me to believe its the fact that those are really the only game in town unless you are willing to do Gonzaga. Even then it also seems as though UW and SU pretty well have the Seattle market cornered with UW being the 800lb gorilla. I think the particulars of that market are what is driving the acceptance wierdness going on there. If you look at their admissions page you can find the chart of GPA and LSAT ranges vs. acceptances. They seem to be almost auto-admit in the three top and right most boxes but then drop to 50/50 in the 3.5-3.74 / 166-168 bracket (me, I got dinged)

Ok all,

This seems like a place populated with high/over-achieving types. I would put myself in this category. I'm getting my ass kicked this cycle, so much so that I am probably not even going to be attending this year. That said, I can't stop competing with friends/peers in my head. I have an ex gf who will be graduating from law school this coming year, an old buddy who will be doing the same, and my best friend is probably going to b-school this coming year. I'm a software developer. I make more than the national average salary, yet I can't help feeling like a total failure because of people like the aforementioned. My buddy and my ex will both probably be making significantly more than me when they graduate. The buddy can kindly be described as a moral sinkhole and the ex is THAT ex. I want to think I am a better person than both of them, but I keep tying my self-worth to dollars and cents. With my best friend, its a good natured competition, but I still feel like I am losing even though he's never said a word about it and is very gracious about the whole thing.

Here's the real question, can anybody tell me how to stop constantly competing in my head?

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