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Choosing the Right Law School / BC with no money???
« on: May 19, 2007, 09:17:04 PM »
Well ladies and gents,

I got admitted to BC off the priority waitlist. I checked the financial aid site today and they need my tax returns and whatnot. I haven't seen any mention of scholarships in any of my papers etc and since it was the waitlist my guess is that I will be paying full price if I go. My other option is to wait a year and reapply, both to BC and some other schools. Any thoughts?

Nice to feel wanted guys, thanks. We'll see just how bad BC wants me when the Financial Aid package arrives... :-\

Law School Admissions / Re: Accepted TODAY !!
« on: May 14, 2007, 07:36:58 PM »
BC off the waitlist, first acceptance I am actually somewhat pumped about.

I did finally set up this interview and they were pretty nice, got my application out and gave me some very specific feedback. As I suspected I screwed myself with my PS. Likely will reapply next year, maybe even for the dual MBA/JD program.

If I may ask, how did you screw yourself with the PS?  Was it an issue with grammar, sentence structure, etc., or did you write on a controvertial subject matter?

I wrote it more fluffy and character driven rather than giving specific goals and citing my specific experiences. I originally wrote one more like what they probably wanted, but scrapped it on the advice of numerous other applicants and friends. Looking back, none of these people had yet been admitted to law school, so they probably were not the best reviewer group.

The nice woman (Kathy to answer the question immediately above) was very specific in that this is probably what kept me from getting in. I am not sure if she was actually on the adcomm, but it sounded like it.

I actually just got in to BC from the waitlist today, so I am now trying to decide if I am going to go this year, or take another year to sort my finances out and possibly try for a dual law/MBA program... Ambition sans direction, thats me.

I did finally set up this interview and they were pretty nice, got my application out and gave me some very specific feedback. As I suspected I screwed myself with my PS. Likely will reapply next year, maybe even for the dual MBA/JD program.

U-dub got elevated to one of my top choices in the middle of the cycle, but I got rejected shortly afterward. In the letter it states that you can call the admissions office after May 1 to discuss why you got dinged. Has anyone done this yet? What kind of info are they giving?

Duke Sucks

Alright, even though I disagree with the distinction you've made between the pencil being a preference and the others not, lets take it down to spike pattern on a track shoe, I guarantee you most world class athletes have a preference, and changing from that preference may affect their time.

The entire test taker is a system. That system includes the human and all the necessary parts down to timer, pencil, breakfast etc. All the pieces matter and if you change one without optimizing the rest of the system it will affect performance. Like I said, I'll practice with an analog watch and a wooden pencil, thus re-optimizing the system. But to say that some of the pieces matter and some don't strikes me as pretty naive.

In regard to the pencil and timer, little things throw off performance all the time. Why is it necessary to ground the space shuttle if there is a minute crack in its foam, why do swimmers and runners shave for races, why do people worry about what they eat before games? I don't think comparing the LSAT to any of the above is out of line in any way given the rigor, competitiveness, and gravity of the test.

And all I did was write a several line rant on a message board, it annoyed me so I bitched a little, I really think the hiring firm and client comment was not quite cricket and to be honest the proofreading thing downright pissed me off, then I remembered...again...that it's just a message board.

If I do decide to retake, I'll practice with an analog watch and a wooden pencil and sort it out, but I don't have to go skipping around in a sundress about the idea. Kirps out.

Wow...if not using a mechanical pencil threw you off so much that you lost points because of it, you are way to high strung and uptight.  A pencil is a pencil is a pencil.  It has lead, there's an eraser, you write with it.

Law school - hell, being a LAWYER - doesn't always go the way you planned; if you have mini-meltdowns for something like a PENCIL I pity the law firm or client that hires you.

This is harsh.  By the time a person is ready to sit for the LSAT, they may have been using mechanical pencils for 10+ years.  Lots of people have probably never once encountered a situation where they couldn't use a mechanical pencil.  And given the stress generated by LSAT prep and taking the LSAT, having to deal with rules that feel arbitrary are not the simplest thing to do for everyone.

Being a lawyer may not goes as you planned, but show me a law firm that wouldn't allow its associates to use mechanical pencils if they so prefer. 

A law firm may allow its attorneys to use mechanical pencils, but that's not the point.  The point is this:  If this person is so set in their ways and so dependent upon a detail THIS minor, so much so that their performance noticably suffers, what's going to happen when some other detail goes wrong?  What's going to happen if the OP takes notes in court on a specific brand of legal pad with a specific type of pen, and while taking notes on a direct examination, he or she discovers that they can't find their pen.  Are they going to melt down, and not be able to focus on answers, which would then lead to a deficient cross examination?

The point is that if small details, like the type of pencil you use to fill in bubbles, causes a noticable issue, then then that's a rather significant issue that has the possibility of causes serious problems in other aspects of law school and lawyering.  If I was an employer or a client, I wouldn't want this person doing anything more than maybe proof reading my documents.

Love 'em, they're like little pieces of hummingbirds being thrown at my head.

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