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Who makes the final four?  Hopefully this post works better.

Choosing the Right Law School / NCAA style Notorious Alum Bracket
« on: November 27, 2006, 11:22:38 PM »
16 schools: T14, Houston and Brooklyn.
Elite 8:
Final 4:
Worst Alumni Reunion Ever:

Skull and Bones Region:
1. Yale                      
8. Penn                    1. Yale
4. Chicago                 4. Chicago
5. Boalt

3. Houston
6. Michigan                6. Michigan
2. Georgetown              2. Georgetown
7. Stanford

Barack Obama Region:
1. Harvard
8. NYU                     1. Harvard
4. Northwestern            2. Nwestern
5. Columbia

3. Brooklyn
6. Virginia                3. Brooklyn
2. Duke                    2. Duke
7. Cornell

Choosing the Right Law School / The LIST: Most notorious Law School Alum?
« on: November 25, 2006, 01:44:26 PM »
So you can use this list for a few things.  You can:
A. Use it to slam schools you were rejected to by noting their awful alumni.
B. Use it to realize that Yale is killing America.
C. Use it to realize that Duke really speaks to the MTV generation.
D. Use it to see that no one famous and awful went to Penn.
E. Use it as a cautionary reminder that regardless of your school, you must be careful not to become the next Geraldo.


Yale: Pat Robertson (noted pornography foe), Alan Dershowitz (noted pornography enthusiast)Bill, Hillary, Yoo, Lieberman, John Bolton, Wright, Specter, Taft, Ben Stein, Alito, Prez Ford
Harvard: Alger Hiss (expert pumpkin carver) Lizzy Dole (frightening) Mad Money Jim Cramer
Stanford: John Ehrlichman
Columbia: Roy Cohn or Scooter Libby (retro or modern)
NYU: Nancy Grace (LLM - smashes the all time record for bitter-beer faces over the span of a 30 minute show)
Chicago: John Ashcroft (let the eagle soar)
Penn: Bill Bradsky!
Michigan: Ann Coulter (heart chilled by UM winters)
Boalt: Lance Ito, Ed Meese (1st amendment ass kicker)
UVa: George Allen, Woodrow Wilson's tophat
Duke: Ken Starr, Richard Nixon, Drew Rosenhaus, Tucker Max (Duke is on fire)
NWestern: Jerry Springer (dispute resolution expert)
Cornell: Ed Muskie (read H.S. Thompson's Fear&loathing on the campaign trail)
Gtown: Jack Abramoff (Don Rumsfeld -dropped out- "you study with the time you have, not the time you want")

DePaul: Richard Daley
Texas: Paul Begala (wimpy, impish)
USC: The Honorable Judge Wapner
Cooley: Bart Stupack (D-Michigan, very goofy looking)
Brooklyn: Geraldo Rivera (without doubt the most obnoxious classmate in history)
Dickinson (Penn St.) Justice Taney (Dred Scott Case, other decisions)
New York LS: Judge Judy
Houston: Star Jones (see Rivera, Geraldo)
Tulane: Huey Long
Mississippi: John Grisham

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