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Alexi - let's hope for the best!  We still have a chance and there really is no point in going somewhere that we're not excited about - it doesn't sound like transferring is a very easy thing to do in law school.

Thanks Para - I'm not sure yet about re-taking the LSAT, I studied like mad for this one so I don't think my score would improve significantly.  However, it might be a good idea and something I should think of - I just wish I knew what was going to happen with my pending schools!  How lame would it be to start the hardcore studying again and then get into one of these schools in a month  :D  Might do it anyway though, thanks  :)

I'm sure - I wasnt excited about going there at all, and it's so expensive compared to places like NIU and Toledo where I could eventually get in-state tuition.  If I don't get in this year I'll try again next year, apply early and add a few more applications.  If I don't get in anywhere I want to go next year then I guess it's just not meant to be  8)

I just withdrew from John Marshall - feels weird to withdraw from my only acceptance but I don't think I would be happy there.  Come on Kent, NIU, or Toledo!!

Law School Admissions / Re: race gender box quibbles
« on: May 29, 2007, 10:38:19 AM »
I would imagine they would get their acceptance revoked/kicked out for lying on their application.  
Interesting question though...I feel like it shouldn't bother me but it really does when people with significantly lower numbers get into the same schools I got rejected from because of URM status.  Would be nice if those boxes did not even exist.

I don't really consider this letting people on the internet make life decisions for me - I've already been planning to withdraw I just wanted to hear some opinions before I made it official. 

I think I would have a better chance of getting in somewhere I would be happy with if I applied in September - especially if I don't get into NIU and Toledo, I applied to them so late that I may have gotten if I applied early.  Also, I would like to apply to IU-Indy but I missed their deadline.  Waiting a year, even though it would annoy me because I'm anxious to start school, would probably be better for me and my fiance financially anyway so I should probably get myself into the mindset that I'll be happy either way.

My reasons for not wanting to go to John Marshall would apply to Valpo as well so I think I'm going to withdraw from there as well - in fact, I would prefer John Marshall to Valpo because I like Chicago better then middle-of-nowhere Indiana  :)

Thanks for the advice!

Thanks guys, I know you're both right, I just really wanted to start school this year.  Oh well, I've already waited 5 years, I guess 1 more wont hurt!

I only have a couple of more days to make up my mind - I've been planning on withdrawing but the fact that it is my only acceptance right now (and may be my only one of the cycle) is freaking me out...but I have more cons on my list than pros...

Cons of JMLS:
Job prospects don't seem all too great, even if I don't care about BIGLAW
So many schools in Chicago, and JMLS is the lowest
I don't like that it's not affiliated with a university
They ignore my emails asking questions even though I'm an admitted student who paid a seat deposit

Pros of JMLS:
The school seems to be improving with bar passage and employment stats
School is in a good location
It's a big school so there must be lots of alumni out there
They let me in

What do you guys think?  My #1 concern about this school is the value for the amount of debt I would incur.  Should I give them the $200 for the 2nd seat deposit just in case I dont get in anywhere else and up regretting withdrawing?  Or is it better to just wait a year and apply to less expensive schools earlier?

Thanks so much!

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: Residency
« on: May 28, 2007, 04:00:02 AM »
I know U Toledo is 1 year, Northern Illinois is 6 months, I'm pretty sure IU Indy is 1 year.

I have a question...when someone says that a school will "make it difficult" for you to obtain residency, what does that mean?  I've heard people say this a few times...If I got in to Toledo, rented an apartment in Toledo with a lease beginning August 1st 2007, got an Ohio license when I moved, etc - all the normal things you do when you move - what could they do to deny me residency when classes start on August 20th 2008?

Accepted at Chicago-Kent with $.  Kind of strange considering I withdrew my application months ago (I even got a response thanking me for my interest and wishing me well). I was initially deferred but I preferred Marquette so I withdrew. 

I know some of you are waiting to hear back from Kent so I figured you'd want to know they still have spots open.

It's great to know they still have spots open, thanks!  How did your acceptance come - e-mail, mail, phone?

Okay, team, I need some real advice here.

I got the letter I've been waiting for from FIU today.  The good news:  I'm in.  The bad news:  It's for the part-time program.

Now I have a serious decision to make.  I can a) take the $11k @ 2.8 gpa scholarship from Barry and stay in town, b) take the part-time seat at FIU, move to Miami and hope a full-time slot opens up before the fall, or c) take the $6k @ 3.0 gpa scholarship from Tulsa and head west. 

The rest of my accepts are no longer an option, as I have withdrawn from all of them (I regret withdrawing from Dayton, given the way my cycle has gone, but that is spilt milk at this point).

What say you?

I think that FIU is the best choice - from what I've heard of them the students there seem very happy, and the school seems very likely to rise in the rankings to top 100 before you graduate.  In-state tuition is so so cheap, you'll graduate with such little debt.  Barry and Tulsa both look very expensive, even if you kept the scholorship money all 3 years (which isnt even 100% guaranteed).  I don't think there's anything wrong with starting off part-time even if nothing opens up before the fall - did they tell you how long you would have to wait to transfer to full time?  Maybe you could even get in full time starting spring semester... 
That's what I think unless FIU doesnt have the courses or program you want - better school at a lower price!

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