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Congrats, Sweetpri!  Toledo's a great school.

Thanks!  Too bad I wont be seeing you there!  Anyone from this board going to Toledo?

Thanks so much everyone!  It's been so great having all of you to talk to (and to complain to!).  Hanging in there Darlin, there's still hope!  I was really starting to think it wasnt going to happen for me this year but it just shows that you never know...   ;)

I got into Toledo's PT program!!  I'm so happy - at first I wasnt sure if I wanted PT but I think it'll work out well and it'll be cheaper for the first year while I'll waiting to gain residency in Ohio.  It says they have a very liberal policy on switching to FT after the 1st year.  Hooray, I'm going to school!


Wow, 40k!  Do they think they are a T14??  Spending that much money is a huge deal, and probably not worth it if you're not going somewhere you're really excited about.  If these end up being your only 3 options maybe you should apply again next year, and apply to some more schools.  Hopefully they wont be your only options this year though!  Good luck - lets hope we're both not back on this board next year doing the exact same thing  ;)

I agree, you shouldn't even consider Florida Coastal - Denver has a good reputation, and even though Thomas Jefferson isn't a great school from what I've heard on this board, the free ride there def. makes it a better choice then Florida Coastal!

I hope one of your waitlist schools comes through for you, doesnt seem you're too keen on Denver...

I don't know much about the school, but I would say no for the very reason that they offer scholorships to people who haven't even applied.  I got an e-mail from the dean citing numbers that weren't even mine offering me a scholorship, and then an "oops" e-mail from him the next day with my correct numbers offering me a similar scholorship.

Someone on the T3/T4 thread was saying how she wrote him a polite e-mail back declining the offer, and then received the exact same e-mail again later - she said she felt like she was being spammed. 

I agree with the above posters, it is very expensive.  I withdrew from John Marshall and Valpo for that very reason - the quality wasn't worth the amount of debt I would've put myself in. I could go to a school like NIU or Toledo and graduate with little debt because I'd be paying in-state tuition after the first semester or two.

Good luck with what you decide - do you have other options?

I dont know, once you browse and put your new photo there it should save once you hit change have a new picture today then you usually have!

Thats cool, I have 3 cats and they are awesome  :)  I thought about calling them but then I was worried that if I rushed them they would just throw a deferral at me to shut me up without really looking at my application..and then maybe I'd have to wait even longer...

I'm going crazy not knowing what's going on, I'm such a planner that everyday I'm just more and more bothered.  I applied for Americorps so if I can do that for a year that would be awesome.  Everything is just waiting right now...

Lord have mercy, I'm STILL waiting on Kent, SLU, UALR and IU-Indy for waitlist decisions.

I'm getting ready to head to Hamline and take care of business, but you know, it'd be nice to get a few decisions. I hate fence sitters.

Except UALR and Kent. They can sit all they want, as long as they come down on the right side of the fence.


Para  ;)

You're lucky you at least got a deferral from Kent - I still havent gotten a thing  >:(  Bad sign, good sign, or have they really not even looked at my application yet after all these months?  ???

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: Residency
« on: June 03, 2007, 04:53:57 PM »
Well that really sucks about Toledo!  I'm not planning on working during school and I wouldn't expect summer pay to be very significant...  I guess that's something to look into if I get in there - thanks!

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