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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Last Minute Application
« on: June 18, 2007, 10:08:15 AM »
I have a 3.37 GPA from Penn St (finance) but only a 143 on my LSAT. I actually studied for the June LSAT so I think i moved up a few points. Is there any possiblity getting into any of the schools that you mentioned P/T or F/T. (i.e. Toledo p/t, etc.)

Toledo's 25% for PT is I believe around 151 so I don't think you'd have much luck with a 143 - although you may have a chance if you're URM, but even that might not help so much this late.  No harm in trying for this year if you're prepared with your PS and LORs, but it makes more sense to wait until next year and take the lsat again if that was your first score.  Check out LSN and the LSAC grids to see who got in where with your numbers so you can decide where to apply next year.  Good luck!

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Last Minute Application
« on: June 18, 2007, 06:55:33 AM »
University of Toledo is accepting applications until July 1st but they've said that as of right now their full-time program is full (but that could change), but they are still admitting part time.  They are lower tier 2 but their part-time requirements are more like tier 3/4 schools

Chicago-Kent's website says they only give decisions in writing, I've heard people on here say they've gotten e-mail and mail so hopefully you wont have to worry about that with them.  Good luck!

Thanks - I'm glad the seat deposits were due on Friday - I hope the people who are not really planning on going there actually withdrew!  I thought maybe she didn't email me back because she automatically put a rejection letter in the mail but luckily I didn't get one yet  :)

I wish we knew how many spots they had left!  I was looking at LSN last night because I have no life and most of the people that are "pending" for Chicago-Kent just havent updated their accounts in months.  Hopefully that's a good sign that there arent a ridiculous number of people waiting on them!

Ok, thanks for the info.  I guess I just have to keep checking the mail... the mail that goes from CA to FL and takes forever. 

It's great to see that movement on the waitlist is occurring, and I'm so happy for others.  It is just hard because it makes me think about how few spots might be left.  This process is just so psychologically draining. 

There's still a chance at Chicago-Kent too!  I e-mailed Gabby from their admissions office on Wednesday morning asking about the status of my application but I havent heard back yet.  Wonder what they are doing over there... ???

Incoming 1Ls / Re: live at home or with girlfriend?
« on: June 18, 2007, 05:56:00 AM »
I am trying to decide whether to move in with my girlfriend or continue to live at home during 1L.

Pros: Free to live, great food, family is awesome, girlfriend will let me stay over every night I want to anyway (I could see myself staying there 5 nights a week at least like I do now, but I would chip in money and cook for the girls because she's getting a bigger place next fall)
Cons: Half hour further from school, have to be quiet at night, hassle of floating between here and girlfriends like I am now

Pros: Studying would be much easier and I'd have more free time, the freedom of finally living away from home, plus I would be close to school, we'll have one of our best friends (her's originally living with us, it would be in a much nicer neighborhood, basically these two girls are probably the best roommates and most generous girls I've ever met, so I think living with them would be very harmonious Cons: Living on loans seems expensive, we haven' t been dating all that long, but I'm sure that we're ready to make this move in our relationship, but I am unsure about whether I can handle the transition to law school in addition to living with roommates and on my own

You better stay where there is less stress. Law School is very hard and after finishing up my first year I can tell you that you also should prepare your girlfriend for the reality of NO SEX................. because that is just how busy you are going to be, and if you are a really good law student you ain't never gonna be home anyway, cause the law library will be your first home, you will only use your apt. for sleep and hygiene needs; which by the way sleep will be quite rare.

Trust me, you want to be away from any distractions. The slighest distractions will kill you.

That is just silly - I've known several people in law school and as busy as they were, they still had some free time. Maybe not a whole lot, but to say he wont have time for sex is just idiotic.

My boyfriend and I ended up moving in together out of convenience about 2 years ago.  We just got engaged and we're getting married next year - we werent doomed.  Do what feels right - if you really think that she's "the one" then I don't see a problem with moving in together...

Oh, I thought you meant the tuition was 40k!  30k is pretty normal for tuition, but I still don't think you should spend that much if you're not excited about going there...

I was accepted and I decided to withdraw for the following reasons:

-30k/year for the lowest-ranked school in Chicago - didn't seem worth it to me to get in 150k debt for a school that doesnt place very well.

-I didn't care much for the law building itself - everything was very old.  You should def. visit if you havent already.

-I didn't like the fact that there was no University affiliated with John Marshall - NO ONE outside of Chicago has ever heard of it.

I'm going to Toledo instead (unless Kent comes through for me) even though I want to work in Chicago because I'll eventually be able to get in-state tuition.  I will try to transfer to Kent & DePaul after 1st year, but if it doesnt work, I'm not too worried about it.  Even if I had gone to JMLS - getting a job is so much about marketing yourself and networking - putting in a lot of work yourself.  If you can do all of that and not just depend on career services I think you'll be fine.

Good luck!

Financial Aid / Re: Question about Expected Contribution from FAFSA
« on: June 15, 2007, 11:28:23 AM »
Cool, thanks guys!  :)

Financial Aid / Question about Expected Contribution from FAFSA
« on: June 15, 2007, 11:11:53 AM »
The "Expected Family Contribution" that's on my SAR is insane - I'm on my own, not working anymore, trying to pay off some debt - there is no way I can contribute 10k/year to my tuition myself.  I'm 98% sure I'm going to Toledo and they should be getting my SAR within the next couple of weeks - is it a good idea to tell them now that there's no way I can could contribute the 10k/year (or really anything at all!), or is it better to wait until they send me the financial aid package that they've prepared?

Is anyone else having this problem - what are you doing? 

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