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Law School Admissions / Some advice for international applicant
« on: November 15, 2006, 10:27:16 AM »
Hey, my first post and I figured I'd start by asking a few questions since it seems there are well qualified people on these boards. I have submitted my law school applications today, and my school list is something like; Columbia (ED), NYU, Fordham, Rutger's Newark, St. John's and New York Law School.

The questions are two-fold, assuming I don't get any of my top 3's, how do you guys rate Rutger's, St. John's and NYLS compared to eachother? I do not know enough about these to really make a decision, I simply selected them as safetly choices in the NYC area.

Second question is, my LSAT score is a bit short for my top 3 choices, but I have extensive background that might help. The real question however is, do you believe / know / suspect that law schools give any wiggle room in LSAT scores to English foreign speakers? I heard some rumors that minority students gets an "8 point bonus" to their LSAT score, logically I would assume this applies to foreign speakers as well?

Anyhow, hoping someone can give me a head ups, cheers :)

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