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I looooooooooooooooooooooooooov e Boston Legal. Its what makes me want to be an attorney

You guys are awesome ;D

Thank you all. I was really disappointed with my score. Yes I thought it did measure my intelligence. My bosses have told me that they hate their jobs and that they want none of their children to go into the field. That said, I can see how I would love it.

I'm going to go for the LSAT again in September, see how I do and then make a choice from there.

Thank you to those who are taking me seriously.  :-*

I don't get what you guys are talking about, that's not even advice! LOL

I think you are making a false assumption that everyone who goes into girly careers like fashion are women, there are a lot of men in Real Estate and men in entertainment industry...Sigh..I need constructive advice please..

I mean one day I went from a person who really loved law and wanted to do this to someone who questioned the idea of working for 50 years and dedicating a lifetime to this field. I'm really surprised no one seriously doesn't question an alternate career.

There is a lot to think about before approaching any career. Just recently I've been interested in Real Estate because I work all day at a firm and its great but I go in and don't come out until its pitch black. 9-5 sounds like a dirty word to me. I've been working for over a year and I feel so inactive, just sitting on my butt all day, its really unhealthy.

Maybe I'm crazy but the idea of not being stuck in the office, doing everything from a home office, being outside all day, maybe its just a young person's idea of a nice job. When I'm old I'll be longing for more stability, or maybe not.

Then the fashion thing, I thought I might be able to become an Entertainment lawyer. That sounds really appealing. I'd get the best of both worlds there.

 Pretty much I'm going to retake the LSAT, apply to law school, go through law school and after that...well I guess try my hand at law.

I'm thinking about becoming a realtor while in Law School and if I love it more, I'll just do that after law school. So much to do..This is just a hypothetical plan.

Oh, and the reason I really think that law is a better career than any other is because I would have the ability to do something meaningful with my job and really change people's lives for the better.

Showing a house and selling one, you put people in homes, but I don't think its meaningful.

These two careers seem funner than law but just don't seem as financially secure. Also, I worry its a phase! Ahhh! *pulling hair* Thanks for the advice tho

wow thank you

Well I've taken the LSAT and also I am currently working as a paralegal. The reason why I'm afraid to not go is that it is all I've ever wanted to do. The thing that turned me around was my low 147 LSAT score. Since then, I've been bummed. Reconsidering my life goal. Its actually pretty complicated because I am afraid NOT to become a lawyer...I'm afraid if I don't go I'll regret it. Sigh..

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Do you like it Do It Yourself?

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