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Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Waitlist 06-07
« on: February 16, 2007, 06:50:08 AM »
Has anyone tried WL counseling with Anna Ivey?

Didn't know such a thing existed.  Can't help but weigh coughing up yet another boatload of cash vs. how effective a program like that can really be.  Especially for those schools that only go to their waitlist to fill diversity needs- nothing more and nothing less.  With those schools (Yale has admitted they do this), nothing you submit will help you. 

Choosing the Right Law School / Law School Snap Judgments- Make 'em Here!
« on: February 15, 2007, 10:28:47 PM »
Well here's how this one will go: Name a law school. Next, tell us your most ignorant preconceived notion about that school.  Whatever pops into your head- true or not.  Maybe it will influence your willingness to attend a certain school next fall based on popular public opinion  :)

Maybe it'll catch on, maybe it won't.   

Here's mine:

I see no difference in Ohio State and Indiana University-Bloom.  Whether it be outside locale, philosophy of admission, or rank.

Notre Dame's mascot is a Leprechaun.

There's a lot of UCs but there are only 2 worth mentioning.  When I think of UCLA and Boalt... Boalt to me, seems like the Ivy League with UCLA coming in as a distant second state school. 


Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Ann Arbor Summer Sublets?
« on: February 15, 2007, 09:53:15 PM »
Summer in Ann Arbor is really nice, not only because the weather is beautiful, but because the campus gets really empty and chill. It's the only time of year when you can reliably find parking, for example. That said, I've never heard of a sublet going for 300 dollars for the summer. Routinely, they go for 200-300/month. I got mine for 250 and it was about 2 blocks away from the law school, but it was a room in a house. If you want an apartment to yourself and you want it to be somewhat nice, I'd say you're looking more to the 350 (before haggling). There are a lot more people looking to lease than rent though, so you might get a really great bargain. The area right around the law quad is bordered by the main campus to the north, the business school and dorms to the east and the union and more dorms to the west, so there's not a huge amount of apartments that are actually 5 minutes from the law quad (I lived off Thompson near the Union). There's tons that are 10 minutes though. I guess just check craigslist, and the sublet section of the UM housing website. And haggle a lot. If you live on North Campus, apartments are a lot nicer and cheaper and there's a bus that will drop you right at the law quad (well, across the street)... but you'd be living on North Campus. And that's just no fun.

North Campus is a barren wasteland with absolutely no personality (I mean c'mon it's chalk full of engineer/architectural students) in an isolated location from anywhere near U of M Central Campus which IS the University.  North campus feels like a red-headed step kid U of M satellite campus or something.  But hey, that may be your thing... It really just depends on what atmosphere you want to be in.  I'm assuming you'd like to experience the school in its entirety so I suggest finding one of the many apartments scattered along Dexter/Washtenaw streets.  Or, if you want to be even closer to the law school, it is possible to find them just off of Central Campus- but they will most certainly be more expensive.

I was waitlisted at Vanderbilt with a 3.8/160 - I should have been rejected immediately, but I think they waitlisted me because I'm from Montana.  I dunno.  I was also waitlisted at American and Temple, two places I thought I should have been accepted.  I think maybe being from Montana hurt me for these schools.  Both asked me to write a letter explaining why I wanted to attend and I have a feeling they wanted assurance that I would actually consider going east if I were accepted.

Hmmm Montana... Montana.... Nope, can't place it.  Is that an actual place?   :D

I just got Cardozo a few days ago - I think they are just slowly sending them out.

Yeah, I feel like Cardozo sends out a lot of acceptances later in the year than a lot of schools.

This is stupid on Cardozo's part.  By the time they get back to us, some of us will have gotten into "better" schools and will have already lost interest in Cardozo.

Yeah, lower schools should know when they're competing for the cream of the crop and act accordingly.  I'm still giving Depaul a chance to wow me.  But only because they showed deference to my greatness.   :D  :P

Isn't it wierd that 90% of us are in the top 10% of LSAT scores.

Not at all...

The same people who are neurotic enough to devote months of the life to a 4 hour test are neurotic enough to spend months posting about it on the internet  ;D

No kidding.  We're all a crazy OCD-inflicted bunch.  But at least we're not alone.  We have outlets but best of all one another.  After all, it's no fun to be crazy by yourself.   

Here's my boring list:

Dinged @ Michigan - numbers and nothing dazzling to push me over

Waitlisted @ Duke - SAA

Indiana - numbers
Utah - numbers
BYU - LSAT + a decent interview.
W&L - I don't know. LSAT? They act like the REALLY like me.
Minnesota - my letter of continued interest.

W&M - they don't like my ugpa but they like my LSAT, so they can't decide if they want to waitlist me or just accept me.
Vandy - SAA
Virginia - I'm already rejected, they just haven't got around to telling me yet.

What's up Papa with the cute kid avatar (At least I think that was you).  You got into Minnesota after all congrats on that first of all I know you were really pulling for that choice.  I wouldn't be too sure about Virginia.  I'm gonna have to disagree with you there.  Your numbers are in there and you have great soft factors.  Um, what else... oh BYU interviews?  Mandatorily?

If Notre Dame didn't see long-suffering diligence in 8 years of parochial school screw em!  That's really all I have to say about that.  You got some good schools under your belt- which I'm sure you ditch them all for when WUSTL accepts you in a month or so.  

Maybe. Now, if we change that sentence to read "...after Penn accepts you in a month or so," then I guess you'd be right.

Even though it ain't happening.

You know, that may well be the second miracle of the cycle- you getting into Penn (the first being me getting into michigan).  So what do you think Penn saw ?  Well-researched "Why Penn" perhaps? 

Law School Admissions / Re: Emory
« on: February 15, 2007, 05:57:37 PM »
Dear Emory,

Please complete my file and then send me an acceptance soon.  I promise I'll send in my deposit immediately.



Seriously I'm another 3.2 indexer that hasn't received a decision.  WTF???

I hope some of those acceptances that you're "chucking up to the LSAT" are some good choices.  But I'm going to infer they are outside the T14? 

Nope, I'm in at G-Town, Cornell and Northwestern.  So I'm a happy camper.  Not really complaining about being deferred at the other places, I'd just like to KNOW where I'm going so that I can start getting excited about things.

Ok, I'm tired of your whining.  Get thee out of my thread.   :D  j/k that's truly awesome.  You have some stellar options for sure- no matter what. 

Hey! I'll trade you my Cornell AND Northwestern acceptances for your Michigan!  And I'll throw in Georgetown just for the hell of it too. 

(oops, I'm thinking this is the kind of thing one doesn't want ad-coms to read.  Sorry Northwestern and Cornell, but Michigan's my top choice!)

MY GOD, DO I WISH WE COULD ALL DO THIS IN REAL LIFE.  If that were the case I'd gladly scoot out of A2 (You'll learn this means Ann Arbor when you get accepted) for some money at NU.  It's such a great location for where I want to end up. 

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