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I figured Data was talking about Vanderbilt when he mentioned the South...right?

Yep... at least I thought Vanderbilt was in the South- no?

Is that a little Cornell acceptance I see in the siggy??

Absolutely SugarJ! And I have to say my heart skipped a beat for you when I saw it in my mailbox.  But then it sank again as I floated back down to reality.   :-\

Brooklyn law school has the WORST phone answerer i've ever dealt with.  I spoke to two different people on 3-4 separate occasions and each time the person was incredibly rude and incompetent.  In fact the 3rd or 4th time I called, the guy was so rude I withdrew my acceptance on the spot. 

It might be the case that the two individuals were removed since last year but if they're still there i encourage you all to call them up and see what I mean. 

Oh and DELL has the best phone operators ever :)  Sure they're not a law school but they still win the medal here!

Wow.  See, you have to wonder what law schools think about when they hire these people.  For most of us, it is our actual first acquaintance with the school.  So if they demonstrate their "people" have no sense of how to be polite and further know nothing about the application process or what it entails, what does that say about their school? 

I completely agree with your withdrawal.  Especially if you had other more attractive options.  I still think that a little kindness goes a long way in getting quality students that will effectively raise medians. 

I figured Data was talking about Vanderbilt when he mentioned the South...right?

Yep... at least I thought Vanderbilt was in the South- no?

Email waitlist.

You have to be joking Inspector Javert!  Did you tell them you shot and stuffed Wolverines as your favorite pastime?

its yp only. 

I gotta say, that's the only thing that would even remotely make sense.

Email waitlist.

You have to be joking Inspector Javert!  Did you tell them you shot and stuffed Wolverines as your favorite pastime?

Vanderbilt's phone answerers are awesome.  Helpful and friendly.

Northwestern - Not so much

Gotta be that Southern hospitality.  Which, since I've never lived in the South- am not sure is just a myth or if it does really exist.  Wonder if any Southerner can shed some light.     

Fordham and Maryland get the award for most annoying/rude people answering the phone.  I wrote about my Maryland stuff in another thread, but Fordham was today and Friday.  The people answering the phone seem to act like they have to finish a formula on cold fusion and that I'm keeping them from it.  I'm too lazy to go into the details of my conversations with them, but other people have echoed this sentiment so I'm guessing plenty of people out there know what I'm talking about.

Heh!  That's holarious.  Wow.. well I can kinda see about Fordham because that's the whole New York thing right?  But Maryland?  Wow.  Surprising.

For every one waitlister or deferree, there is always one ever-ready phone girl (or boy).  Possibly a former law student, or newly hired receptionist.  But whatever their role, there is no denying that some are helpful and some simply aren't.  What have you found during your law school application travails? 

  • I found UCLA Law's phone girl particularly annoying.  Not only was she extremely rude, arrogant and unhelpful- but she cracked and popped her gum after every syllable she uttered. 

  • ND's phone staff was by far the friendliest and most informed of any law school I spoke with over the phone.  They even offered free shoulders to cry on (as I told them I'd been waitlisted).  Must be the Jesus in them :) 



I was wondering if law schools you attended for undergrad are more likely to smile upon you than other students?  Or is it harder to get in because it doesn't diversify the class?

In case you were wondering, I'm specifically talking about FSU.

darlinalexi, while I can't speak specifically with regard to FSU, I know for sure that top undergraduate institutions look favorably on former undergrads.  I think the most obvious reason is that they are intimately aware of the quality and rigor involved in completing a degree at their institution, and because of that knowledge they'll be able to admit that former student with a certain degree of confidence in their innate ability to succed when faced with rigorous academic demands. 

When I was deferred at U of M (I attended there for both undergrad and grad school), my letter of contined interest involved telling them not only how much I valued the tradition of academic excellence they offered, but also what specific experiences in the surrouding community connected me to the school and led to my desire to continue my education there.  Don't forget that every single member of the adcomm is a resident of your law school's area and community- and will be acutely aware of the aspects of your school and the value of working and living in the community.  If you are able to effectively flesh out the reasons and benefits for why you love the school and area as they know them, you'll create an unmistakable connection.  Well for me anyway, apparently- it worked.   

That said, there are those schools like Berkeley who seemingly auto ding previous undergrads even with stellar academic records and enough soft factors to overtake all the Tier 4 kids combined.  It just happens to be their unique philosophy- valuing diversity that is.  But I find that this type of philosophy is very sparse.   

So, good luck to you and FSU is a fine school so I'm sure they will see the value in a former undergrad!   

Law School Applications / Re: Law Schools and March Madness
« on: March 13, 2007, 01:37:26 PM »
What I did know of OSU I liked.  They were the only Tier 1 school early on -that didn't have to "think" about how interested they were in me as a member of their 2010 class... and I appreciated that. 

They have an unbelieveable athletic program.  Consequently, virtually everyone knows OSU's gonna clean house.

Didn't you go to UMich for undergrad? This flattery is not allowed.

Heh yeah I'm a traitor, but gotta pull for the team with the most talent.  And clearly, (after beating UMich 3 times) OSU is simply a better team.  :-\ 

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