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For every one waitlister or deferree, there is always one ever-ready phone girl (or boy).  Possibly a former law student, or newly hired receptionist.  But whatever their role, there is no denying that some are helpful and some simply aren't.  What have you found during your law school application travails? 

  • I found UCLA Law's phone girl particularly annoying.  Not only was she extremely rude, arrogant and unhelpful- but she cracked and popped her gum after every syllable she uttered. 

  • ND's phone staff was by far the friendliest and most informed of any law school I spoke with over the phone.  They even offered free shoulders to cry on (as I told them I'd been waitlisted).  Must be the Jesus in them :) 


Same thing?

Choosing the Right Law School / Law School Snap Judgments- Make 'em Here!
« on: February 15, 2007, 10:28:47 PM »
Well here's how this one will go: Name a law school. Next, tell us your most ignorant preconceived notion about that school.  Whatever pops into your head- true or not.  Maybe it will influence your willingness to attend a certain school next fall based on popular public opinion  :)

Maybe it'll catch on, maybe it won't.   

Here's mine:

I see no difference in Ohio State and Indiana University-Bloom.  Whether it be outside locale, philosophy of admission, or rank.

Notre Dame's mascot is a Leprechaun.

There's a lot of UCs but there are only 2 worth mentioning.  When I think of UCLA and Boalt... Boalt to me, seems like the Ivy League with UCLA coming in as a distant second state school. 


Just an experiment for the benefit of those still waiting for decisions.  Let's see where it goes.

1.  Let's see 'em:  Put up your numbers

2.  Say the name of the school (Pick all, some or one- whatever you're interested in divulging)

3.  Put why you think your decision came out the way it did. 

4.  We get to argue with you if we don't agree.   :)

Hi, I'm Data.  And I'm a semi-splitter.  Semi because 3.2 doesn't suck, but a 4.0/165 from a top public in my opinion, would have produced much more solid results.  My Waitlist at Notre Dame, Deferral at UIUC and Boalt, and Boston College rejection, I feel, are all due to certain law schools placing a higher premium on undergraduate GPA than others.

All my other acceptances were what one might except, except for Michigan.  My take on why? 

I went to U of M for undergrad and am currently a Michigan resident, I'm diverse baby!, I wrote a WhyMich and Diversity statement, After being deferred I wrote a continued interest letter, I owned my own company and have an MBA from a decent school, and finally... I had a hard knock life (joking but nah, really not).  So... it could have been any or all of those factors combined. 


Law School Admissions / "On HOLD" vs. The Waitlist
« on: January 30, 2007, 03:44:04 PM »
Ok, after re-reading the "waitlist" email from the Asst. Dean of Admissions at UIUC, I realize that I too quickly made the assumption that the meaning of "On Hold" was the equivalent of a Waitlist. 

He said, and I quote: "We have placed you in the “HOLD” category of applicants who will be receiving a close second look.  When your application is reconsidered, you could be admitted, placed on a waiting list, or denied."

So it turns out this hold business is clearly not a waitlist.  So what does this mean? Are there many that fall into the "hold" category? 

Seems like many are sending them out as soon as they find out they're waitlisted or deferred.  However those on the waitlist don't get looked at again until a couple months down the road.  Should I wait and send it then or send it ASAP?

General Off-Topic Board / Anyone have an IBM Laptop?
« on: January 13, 2007, 02:45:13 PM »
How do you like it?

Law School Admissions / Isn't for...
« on: January 10, 2007, 09:56:43 AM »
your numbers? 

Why then do people repeatedly post everything but their stats.  Can someone explain?

I'm there.  Anyone with me?

Law School Admissions / On Notre Dame Provisional List
« on: January 06, 2007, 04:10:21 PM »
Got the letter in the mail today (it was dated January 4th).  It said it welcomed new correspondence of interest and that they further fully intend to admit people from the list.  Right now kind of bummed.  Anyone successfully get off the waitlist, and is Notre Dame known for admitting a bunch of people from the list or is it like Cornell's waitlist where it's basically like a rejection? 

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