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The wife and kids moved to Morgantown this past weekend, and I'll join them after I finish up work this Friday.

This thread has been very supportive, and I think I've read every post (all 213 pages worth).  Good luck to you all!

Agreed. Awesome thread, cool people with tons of info. Drove up to Dayton and just got here. Furniture should be here on tuesday, glta!

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Florida Coastal-Weird
« on: July 14, 2007, 06:53:58 PM »
FCSL...they are a mess.

they accept me without offerin a scholarship. i tell them i won't go w/out one. they say to bad. i tell them im out and officially withdraw. they continue sending me emails. i tell them to stop since i already withdrew. they say sorry. 3 months later i get an email asking if a scholarship from them would entice me to make a seat deposit. just for shits and giggles i say yes and also mention my previous dealings with them, how much you offering....this was about a month ago, still waiting to hear back.

a joke i tell ya!

thenodoubter, talk to me about americorps, what will u be doing? do they pay?

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: Ohio Law Schools
« on: July 03, 2007, 05:01:40 PM »
i'll be at dayton, pm if you have any questions

fall semester schedule came in today!

i'm def. scurrred

obviously, you wouldn't be in this thread if you got into miami.  i was simply commenting on the merits of FIU compared to FCSL as the 5th best school in FL.  i think it's a fair comment and not haughty by any means. 

I wouldn't dream of attending a school that wasn't T1 or the top school in the state in which I would like to practice (so had I been in your shoes for example, it would have been UF or bust).  Law is a haughty, pedigree conscious business.  Sorry for the wake-up call.

I disagree

Just got an email from FCSL of law asking me why i have not sent in my deposit and if it was because of the cost.

Well I withdrew after they accepted me 2 months ago, so not sure why I am getting this email right now. When I was accepted I asked about a scholy and was point blank told no, so now all this email does is piss me off. FCSL = teh sucks

In Dayton right now, will be at admitted students day sat.

will post info for anyone considering UD who can't get out here!

be good ppl!

thanks for the weather info as well.

So I spent the last 3 days in Dayton, OH., visiting the city and school. The University is awesome, and you can tell it has the respect of the community. The law building is amazing, brand new, self contained and overall it is top knotch. The almuni who where there to assist us and answer our questions where also very good. They where as honest as possible in that setting and they did a great job of showing us the great things UD has to offer. The top two things I took away from it was the school is dedicated to legal writting and the mandatory externship is HUGE. The school actually hires staff to assist in placing students in their top externship choices. The school is centrally located so you can't go wrong with living either north/south/east/or west Dayton also has more churches, catholic that is, than any other city outside of Rome imo.

The bad...

Dayton is a dieing city. The locals call it shrinking but I call it dieing. There are more abandoned buildings than functional buildings. A relestate agent basically told me that every year the city will sell forclosed houses for a dollar a piece in the hopes that someone with money will fix it up. The city also presents poorly in terms of security as well, it is not a small place by any means and you can tell that there is a need for additional police force, especially in downtown. People will congrate around busstops and spend all day there. You can see the same ppl at 10pm at nite that you saw at 8am that same day...kinda sad. With all that being said the area around the school is  great and feels safe, as do some of the smaller historic areas.

I'm glad i visisted, I had a great time and the people are amazing. Very nice people in general. I liked the school more than NESL and based on what everyone has said and shown me I believe it places well outside of Dayton. It has the respect of the community like I mentioned earlier and its alumni practice all over the U.S. which is great when it comes to looking for work because the school puts you in contact with them if need be.

In Dayton right now, will be at admitted students day sat.

will post info for anyone considering UD who can't get out here!

be good ppl!

thanks for the weather info as well.

I live in South Florida now, Boston before that, DC before that, Toronto before that.  Never lived in the midwest - I've only been to Chicago once and I've never been to Ohio.  It'll be interesting! 

Get ready for a big change then

At least you've lived in cold climates before.

how cold?

20s, maybe teens in the winter. Windy.

snow or no snow?

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