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Law School Admissions / Question about when I'll know...
« on: October 26, 2006, 10:41:01 PM »
whether I'm accepted/deferred/WL/rejected.....

I have only applied to schools out of state and am getting married in March. I want to try and have an apartment set up by May of 07. When do schools start letting people know what the deal is? I'll link the schools i've applied to below and if you guys have an idea, or some advice I'd truly appreciate it.

UDC is asking for this as part of the application process is this common amongst law schools?


when applying online do I need to send a signed Certification letter to each school or is it only some?

Law School Admissions / 1st electronic application via LSDAS
« on: October 23, 2006, 07:48:06 PM »
Where is this 12 dollar fee everyone talks about? I just applied to one school and it cost 40 dollars but made no mention of an additional 12 dollar fee...little help please.

take a look please...

I'm having trouble getting an idea on the format and style I should use for the PS, so I'll be happy to proof in exchange for getting a better idea which route I should take w/ this. Feel free to PM

I have my LOR'S, PS, and resume done. LSAC also has a copy of my transcript but I will not be completing my final UG class until Dec. 18th this year. My LSAT score already came in so everything seems set to go...however, I'm not sure if I should start applying Monday or if I need to wait until I finish this last class? If someone could give me a heads up on what's the best route, I would greatly appreciate it.

Also I have done the research and have check out LSN, etc. and I have an idea of where I should apply but if some of you could give me a few more schools or ideas I would also appreciate that.

BA International Relations/Minor Religious Studies
UGPA: 2.9
LSAC GAP: 2.74
LSAT: 149

I'm hispanic (Cuban parents but I was born in South Florida) and have strong work experience. My LOR's are stong, one from the chair of the Religious Studies dept. at my school.   

My top school is/was Gonzaga not sure if that is still possible but I'm thinking I'll apply anyways.

Here is my list please feel free to add. Cooley and TSU are not options for me.

Creighton, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, UDC, Suffulk, Valpo, Vermont, North Dakota, Florida Coastal, New England, Seattle. I can apply to as many schools as I want, so recommendations are very welcome.


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