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Law School Admissions / Where is LSAC's admission calculator?
« on: November 02, 2006, 08:49:02 AM »
You know... the one with the probability bands?  I've used it before, but now I can't find it for the life of me.  I've looked all over LSAC's site.

One of my recommenders wanted me to write the letter.  I will email it to him, and I thought it would be easiest for him to sign it and send it to me, and then I'll put the LSAC form with it and send it to them.  But then the letter will be postmarked from my city, not his... so do you think LSAC will see that and not like it? 

Should I just send him the form instead?  He's a busy guy, and I just think things will be smoother and faster if I go with the plan above.

I'm a non-traditional student (graduated in 1998), with a 3.38 GPA.  I just made the decision to go ahead and pursue this career change a short while ago, so I've only been studying for the December LSAT a week, but I got a 172 yesterday and a 165 today.  I hope to improve more in the next six weeks.

But... currently I'm right on the brink for UVA acceptance... if I get a 172, I think I'd get in, but if I get a 165, I probably wouldn't.  However, I read that UVA is required to have 40% of the law school be Virginia residents, and I am one.  How much has that seemed to help people on this board?

My current dream schools are UVA, Duke, and Michigan.

Do law schools just apply the same mathematical formula to everyone and then later look at your other experiences?  Or do they weight your GPA less heavily if you have been out of school for several years?

I have a 3.38, which I'm wishing were higher, because I'm expecting to score 165-175 on the LSAT, based on my practice tests (I've only been studying a week, but got a 172 yesterday and a 165 today).  So... I feel like my GPA could definitely hold me back, and... I just don't feel like it's representative of the work ethic I have now, after having been a professional for eight years. 

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