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whoa, the adcomms talk to each other?

that seriously creeps me out

Yeah, that is a little weird.

m1, was the Michigan person Dean Zearfoss?  I *heart* her.

yup, it was zearfoss.  it was nice to meet her, but I was too shocked at the event to actually have any meaningful conversation with her.  Anne Perry was the one from Chicago.  UVa's is escaping me right now

So i'm back from my exhausting trip to Philly.  Although it will totally ruin any remaining shred of anonymity I have on here, I have to tell this story from the trip:

So while I was in the area, I decided to stop in to the admissions office just to say hi.  I walked in and there were a few women sitting in the chairs in the reception area and as I entered I saw Dean Post hobbling around on a crutch.  She was very hurried, so I just quickly said hello.  Before she left, however, she said she wanted to introduce me to some people.   She turns to the women sitting in the chairs and proceeded to introduce me to the Dean(s) of Admissions from Michigan, Chicago, and UVa all in a row.  My entire cycle could be summed up by the individuals in that room: WL at Mich (still waiting), denied at Chicago, offered a spot off the WL at UVA, and accepted by Penn.  Oy vey.

Otherwise, my trip was awesome.  The restaurant we ended up at, TwentyManning, was fantastic.  My apt for next year is going to be great, and its really close to the school.  Did I miss much while I was gone?

legapp- thanks for the recommendations.  i decided on twenty manning, which is probably the best bet for my family's tastes

allison- i got mine at least 3 weeks ago now, you might want to call penn and ask them about that, especially given your close proximity to the school

thats quite the hike you've got there!  :o

sure!  where is it?  when i was there for the ASW, my host lived in a fantastic brownstone off of 23rd street; I'm rather jealous of your find!

i won't be going out much since i'll be with my family, but if anyone wants to meet up drop me a PM.

team pam- i'd love to have you guys as neighbors :)  what floor are you looking at?

i'm heading down to philly tomorrow night to look at my apt and check the city out some more.  anyone else going to be there in the Wednesday-Friday night window?

gah, so many choices!

fantastic!  thanks so much!

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