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They did this last year... he calls again regardless of whether you had the first interview and basically just makes sure you're still interested before making an offer. So, if you got this, congratulations. You're almost certainly in.

That's what they told us the first time around :D.  I wouldn't be so optimistic about my chances or pessimistic about your own... it has only been a week since May 1.

I guess so.  I'm looking at it as though he's giving me a chance to redeem myself :D.  I'll take it.

anyone on the harvard waitlist get the phone call email today?? I recieved my waitlist letter Friday and the phone call email today. Weird.

I got it too.

Treppenwitz, when did you send in your deposit?

End of April.  A day or two before May 1?

Deferring students do get e-mail accounts!  Hurray!

General Off-Topic Board / Oxbridge Colleges
« on: May 03, 2007, 05:07:59 PM »
Hey, anyone know anything about or have any experience with the graduate colleges at Oxford/Cambridge?  Particularly Darwin at Cambridge and Linacre at Oxford?  Feel free to PM me your thoughts if you don't want to air them publicly ;).

Congrats Treppen!!! You may not have heard this, but deferred CLS admits are the coolest of them all. Your invite to the secret clubhouse will be forthcoming....the email address? Not so much. I don't think.

Get gmail! It's the best. I'll even invite you ;)

Thanks Demingh!  I have Gmail already, but I was hoping for a cool account to replace my other e-mail which has officially expired :(.  Oh well.   

Also sent in my deposit.  I will be deferring, though, so not really Class of 2010 here :(.  Anyone know if I still get a Columbia UNI login though?  My old e-mail address expires today - I need a new one!


just sent in my deposit to Columbia.

I did as well, though I really didn't have much of a choice to make ;).

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