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Job Search / Dinner Interviews - Order a drink?
« on: October 15, 2008, 04:03:26 PM »
Is it appropriate to order/not order a drink if your interviewer does/does not?

Also, this is probably a stupid question, but should I even pretend like I'm going to split the cost?  Or should I not even pay attention to the bill when it comes?  How do you handle that?

What do you do during awkward silences?  Complain about the service?

Current Law Students / Practice Exam Answers?
« on: September 18, 2007, 02:18:43 PM »
So, if I want to do some practice exams, it's fairly easy to find past exams online from various law school library websites.  But, often times there is no model response posted.  How does one determine if their "issue-spotting" and analysis is sufficient or correct?  What do you guys do?  Do you go show the professor your answer to get feedback?  Is there a database of exams and model answers that I'm not aware of?  I sort of feel like it doesn't matter how much I practice, if I'm practicing incorrectly.  Sure, I might think I'm on the right track, but how do I know?  Is it simply a matter of going through the motions that is helpful?

I have until the "close of business" today to pay the $500 deposit for Hastings.  If I'm going to leave my home state, I'm having trouble deciding whether Hastings or Minnesota will offer the best opportunities.  I really have no idea where I want to work in the future, but I'd prefer not to be limited to any region of the country if at all possible. 

The ECA for Hastings is $54,638, and only $46,407 for Minnesota.  The location of Hastings (San Francisco) is more appealing to me than the location of UMN (Minneapolis) for the short term, but I honestly don't think I'd really want to live in either city in the long term.

Is anyone here familiar with how the schools compare in terms of reputation, and national job prospects?  In your opinion is the additional cost of Hastings, coupled with the lower ranking outweighed by the better location and job prospects?

Also, as a side note, I am interested in IP law (I'm an engineer), and Hastings doesn't seem to have very much in this area, while UMN is fairly highly regarded as an IP school from what I can tell.

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