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I went to BLS's "Admission Strategies Workshop" last night and had the opportunity to take a good look around at the facility. While I haven't visited any of the other law schools I'm considering (aside from taking the LSAT @ Hofstra), I felt pretty good about the school. The classrooms looked decent, and most of the classes I saw didn't look too packed (only one was filled to the brim, the rest seemed to be about 2 dozen students or less). I admit, I felt intimidated walking around there, definitely out of place, but that was probably a bit of insecurity with being in a law school. I had the opportunity to speak to a few of the evening students, to ask them what they thought of their experience there. All were happy with their choice, and while some indicated that classmates can be somewhat competitive, it wasn't really cutthroat. Overall, I feel pretty good about applying there.
Oh yeah... and the drive took about an hour, with 2 hrs at a pay-lot around the corner costing $8 after tip. I can definitely live with that...

Don't get me wrong... I love my three cats as much (if not more) than most any other pet-lover. I can't think of any reasonable punishment for the guy, certainly not one that would be imposed in the northern hemisphere. However, we all may eventually wind up representing someone who is in a position we find morally reprehensible. At that point, we're just stuck fulfilling our obligation without passing our own judgements...
That's what back alleys behind the courthouse are for.

Thanks guys for the quick responses. As for public transportation, what time do evening classes start? I get out of work @ 4:30 (give or take) in Great Neck, so we're talking about a train that (iirc) goes pretty much straight to Penn... the same problem that's making Fordham questionable for me). I think that driving may be my best (if not cheapest) option.
I guess I'll see for myself when I go to their application session this Thursday evening...

Proposed Defense?
"Your honor, my client was merely trying to recreate a Korean recipe he had read about on the internet, substituting cats for dogs. Surely a chef can take creative liberties, especially in regards to flame-seared meals. Ethnic cuisine, while unappealing to some, can be considered delicious to others. A person's tastes are not a violation of the law...".

Reasonable punishment for the guy?
Yeah.. I think cutting off his nuggets and tossing them into a campfire sounds like a good start. Followed by a good curb-stomping...

Thank you for thes rather informative posts. I feel more confident about my application to BLS (it's still my second choice, after Fordham, but I don't know if I could attend Fordham even if I was accepted, due to logistical concerns). I have one question though... how is parking at/near BLS? I will be applying as a part-time evening student and driving in each evening. Does the school have parking? Is there on-the-street parking available? Am I stuck with paying for a garage space?

Yes, you'll probably get in somewhere. When doing research to pick out my school choices, someone mentioned CUNY law school, so I punched up their numbers. IIRC, their LSAT median was somewhere around a 147. Don't forget Touro (sp?) as an option. You might have trouble getting into some T2 schools, but you shouldn't have trouble finding a T3 or T4 in NY.
Hope that helps,

Law School Admissions / Re: Which should I violate?
« on: November 10, 2006, 08:45:39 AM »
Perhaps I'm demonstrating my noob-ignorance, but one of the concepts a lawyer must acknowledge is that ignorance of the law is no excuse. As such, even if you had to work to find the information about the page limit, they have the rule established, so you'd be best off following it. If you absolutely can't cut anything out of your PS, then just hope that you don't wind up with a stickler of an adcom that will only read the first two pages and throw out the rest... if I had 1,000+ ps's to read, I know I'd be tempted to stick pretty firmly by the rules unless it really was that good that my personal interest kept me reading.
Good luck,

Studying for the LSAT / Re: My box is filled!
« on: October 20, 2006, 10:46:41 AM »
Filled - NY, Last Name R

I sure hope you're mistaken and that your original position is accurate regarding score-release... I'm going to the NY LSAC Forum tomorrow and I'd really like to have my score in hand.

who ya calling an "older" poster?  ;D

see here:,73273.0/topicseen.html

That wasn't 'older poster', that was 'older post'.
I'm not knocking anyone age-wise, considering that my law degree will be my 40th birthday present. ;)

PS: Thanks... I skipped that thread because I thought it was going to be one bad running play on words. Have to go check it out now...

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