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I've got Overby, Hoeffel, Sherman, Childress here

Is there any place on campus to get a free copy of the Times-Picayune?

Pretty OT but, I'm heading to my last Major League Baseball game of the season tomorrow.  That is one of the saddest things I have ever said in early July.  At least I got half price tickets and it is dollar hot dog night.  I've never lived in a non-major league city before so that is going to take some getting used to.  (I may be going to a Royals game when I am in Kansas City on Saturday, but you haven't been able to classify that as major league baseball since George Brett retired.)

10 days until I move to NOLA...I can't wait.

Law School Admissions / Re: 2.9 /160 LSAT
« on: July 08, 2008, 03:06:56 PM »
I had fairly similar numbers (3.04/161).  In the south I was accepted at Tulane, LSU, Houston, and Miami.  I was rejected at Florida.  Looking at LSN it looks like your poor grades are from a while ago so good recent grades could certainly help offset your GPA some.  I am also a Texas resident which probably got me into Houston.  Being a Florida resident could probably give you a fighting chance at Florida State.

In addition to the ones vjm recommended I would add FSU, Tulane, UF, Tennessee, and Georgia State as schools to look into.

Halloween parties are my favorite time of the year, I know NOLA gets absolutely wild for it.

Halloween is on a Friday this year too.  I'm not a person who typically gets excited about Halloween, but I may make an exception living in a city that is so into the paranormal.

Next Halloween is a Saturday and the day of the Tulane/LSU game in New Orleans.

Sucks to hear that BB.  Doing a little research I looked up some reviews on ratemyproffesor about (who I assume is) Prof 'D' and they look pretty similar to your comments:

"friendly and approachable, but don't get on her bad side"
"a name-checking brown-nosing dullard"
"brown noser of all she perceives to have authority over her career. Everyone else be damned."

It is a bummer to hear about the ordeal with administration too.  Let us know when you find anything out.

From wikipedia:
Passing applicants are listed by full name, with conditional or failed applicants listed by fictitious name. The fictitious names are chosen by all applicants prior to taking the bar, and can get quite creative.

Is this the same in every state or just LA, because that is hilarious?  I would be really interested to see the list of fictitious names.

I will be fitting as much stuff as possible in my car and my parents car and buying the big things (like my bed) when I get down there.  I don't have that much stuff though because I sold all my stuff to my old roommates when I moved back into my parents house, so it shouldn't be too much of an issue.

wait - there's roaches?

what about alligators?

do you think i would be less likely to come across bugs if i got an apt in the university owned apartments?

I saw an alligator swimming in the lake in Audobon Park.  I was very excited. 

I've got a 3BR/2.5BA with a pool about a 1/2 mile from the law school for $650/mo per person.  We also found a really nice 3BR place for $700/mo but it was pretty far away (although you could bike it without any trouble).  It was owned by a former Loyola law student who had transferred.  Her parents had bought the house for her and really fixed it up nice.  We didn't get a chance to look at too many 3BR (we started off looking at 4BR's), but if I recall correctly, most in the $1500 range had some type of issue with them that we didn't like.  If you want to send me links to any of the places you are looking at I can tell you if we looked at them, but like I said, we didn't look at too many 3BR's.

Going back to the locker discussion, it looks like we have a handful of 6'+ guys on here.  Do I see an intramural basketball team in our future?

It is insane to look at where the levees breached on Google Maps, I really appreciate putting that on there.  It really gives me some perspective about how ravaged some of those areas still are.  Personally, I wasn't really sure where the damage was, other than hearing the Lower 9th Ward, which I wasn't sure where it was at.  I have generally just focused on the Uptown area when looking at maps of New Orleans. 

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