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It's been entertaining skimming through your arguments on what we all know can become a heated argument on both sides.  Iím Hispanic and after having served in the military and finished my undergrad studies Iím seriously considering going to law school after some much needed time off  :)  With that said, I believe that we should all start on the same playing field when applying to law school.  If I score well on my LSAT and deservedly get into a Law School of my choice, I will probably be seen as inferior by perhaps white and Asian students b/c AA creates an environment where Hispanics and African Americans seem inferior.  I believe that with a changing world and free trade (China anyone?), we live in one of the most capitalistic societies where at the end of the day all that matters is your ability to make money and make whatever company you are working for more successful (unless you work for the government ;D ).  Many Africans I know come to the U.S., work hard, educate themselves, and prosper, yet we do whatever we can to reward mediocre results from African Americans.  Cubans in southern Florida are living proof that despite race, if you are educated and have a strong work ethic you WILL SUCCEED in America.  I believe that President Baccaga is spot on in trying to find an alternative solution to avoid all the negative effects AA has seeing that it creates further racial tension among applicants and I'm sure among students.  The obvious correlation with lower class and minorities is not one to be ignored.  With that said...a girl from Venezuela once told me during my undergrad years that she was amazed how many times she's had to state on a survey what race she was.  In Venezuela you were simply Venezuelan yet here from early childhood you are constantly seperated from others due to your race.  This isnít the 1960ís, itís the 21st century.  With open trade and very open borders we live in a cutthroat world and I donít believe in rewarding mediocrity for any reason.  Sorry for writing so long ;D and seeing there's 9 pages I hope I'm not beating a dead horse but I really would love to hear arguments either way. 

Sorry for my really dumb question...but when you say "scale" you mean the test is curved???  If not what does it mean exactly?  Thanks! 

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