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Law School Admissions / Re: Existential Crisis, Please Advise
« on: April 09, 2007, 11:31:22 AM »
Thank you all for the outpouring of advice. I am not a person who usually gives much thought to things like ranking (I chose to go to a upper-middling Liberal Arts school over an Ivy for undergrad), but back then it was completely a matter of choice. This time, it is because I could not get in anywhere better. This doesn't sit well with me, so I've decided to follow what seems to be an amalgam of the various advice threads:

-put in my deposit
-hire a personal tutor whose exorbident fees will force me to study
-sign up for the June LSAT
-See where that leaves me.

Thanks again everybody.

I like that plan.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: UT 2L Taking Qs
« on: April 09, 2007, 11:23:48 AM »
Do you have any specific apartment recommendations? I am looking for a 1/1 (or 2.1) because I will be living with my wife. I am particularly interested in Far West but anywhere close to UT Shuttle could be considered.

Financial Aid / Re: Grad Plus vs. private loans
« on: April 08, 2007, 08:05:53 PM »
Sorry I did not arrive back until now. Togbra knew more about this topic than I did anyway.

Financial Aid / Re: payback time
« on: April 08, 2007, 08:03:22 PM »
Tax deductions for suits is not allowed, even if required for work.

From MSN money
8. Clothes (deductions) make the man
Here's a line of thought we've all tried on at one time or another: I have to look professional at work, so why shouldn't I deduct the cost of my suits, shoes and ties? And of course that is perfectly allowable -- on Uranus!

Here on Earth, however, a less generous tax rule applies, as one of Barghini's clients found out: "I was dealing with a male model who wanted to write off his entire wardrobe because he needed to look good all the time. There are very strict rules about writing off clothing. Basically, if you are required to wear a uniform of a nature that you're not going to wear it out in public socially, such as an auto mechanic's blue jumpsuit with a patch that says 'John' or nursing clothes, you can write them off. It's basically clothes that you're only going to wear at work; you'd be embarrassed to go to the bar in them. If it's clothes that you can wear on a daily basis, you cannot write them off. Businessmen or businesswomen trying to write off their suits will not fly."

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: UT 2L Taking Qs
« on: April 08, 2007, 07:58:25 PM »
"How many people are able to find good federal level government jobs? Do any government agencies come and interview on campus? What about other not BIGLAW options?"

I turnd down and offer to work at an U.S. Attorney's Office in CA for 1L summer (took a firm job instead), got the offer after a phone interview, guy never looked at my grades and basically just thought I had gave good answers to his questions and thought UT was a good school.  I interviewed with the State Department and SEC during OCI.  I think the Federal Reserve, the IRS, and the Commerce Department also came in the fall.  DOJ usually shows up during public interest recruiting - that's kind of a different beast with the Honors Program (you apply in the fall of your 3L year) so I don't know as much about it.  I think the SEC does the honors program thing, too.  There's a decent sized U.S. Attorney's branch office here in Austin and a lot of people work there during the year or over the summer.   That's about all I cam tell about federal goverment.  There are definitely opportunities...

As far as other non BIGLAW stuff, there are a lot of smaller firms in the Austin area.  Some of them do cool stuff like public interest environmental litigation, if that interests you.  Obviously there are plenty of opportunities in state goverment.  UT does a pretty good job at supporting 1Ls who want to do public interest work over the summer and there are more than enough options both here in Texas and in other places as well.  The downside (and they say they're going to fix this) is that as of now there is no loan forgiveness program for people who do PI. 

Texas also has an oustanding clinical program. At one point this year we had 75% of the Supreme Court docket (3 out of the first 4 cases they accepted).  The Death Penalty Clinic goes to the Supreme Court pretty regularly.  We have a Supreme Court clinic that, naturally, works on Supreme Court cases.  Also, there are a bunch of students working with a prof. representing Guatanamo detainees (they have the case where the Court denied cert last week).  There's also clinics for immigration, domestic violence, actual innocence, all that good stuff.

Does that basically answer your question?

Yes you did. Great detailed answer, thanks.

Also, other question. Do they have suggestions for which laptops to buy? If they don't, do you?

Cost the actual exam varies wildly. Michigan was 100 and Florida was 1800.

Financial Aid / Re: payback time
« on: April 08, 2007, 12:22:20 PM »
thanks for the links guys.

According to the loan calculator, I'd be needing to making about 400k a year to pay back 105k in loans. But 10 percent of your gross income would be a small amount to put towards loans, right?

Every time I start to think about loan repayments, it seems clear it'd be really difficult to do it in a short amount of time, especially considering interest.

Difficult yes but well worth it if you can so as to avoid interest. People planning on 30 year repayment plans really don't fathom how much interest they will be paying.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Decisions: UT-A, SC, ND ...
« on: April 08, 2007, 12:21:02 PM »
ND is underrated, I think you're smart to consider it.  I'd actually place it above USC, unless you definitely want to practice in SoCal.  Between ND and Texas?  Well, yeah, Austin is probably more fun than South Bend.  I think the football question is basically a wash.  UT places well in DC and in government - but ND has a big alumni base, too.  How does the money situation work out?  Are you getting 10k per year?  Is ND's tuition higher?  Man, you should really try to come down here.

Well, I guess all I can tell you that I've loved it here.  The faculty are awesome, very approachable. Great classmates.  Very intersting mix of ambitions - some people just want to go home to Louisiana and practice and stuff like that.  It's nice that not everyone is obsessed with vault rankings and all that sh*t.  But there are plenty of people who take school very seriously, if that's what you're looking for.

Sorry, I feel like I've been really unhelpful.  Good luck.

Not doubting you, just curious where you got bolded because that's what I want to do and that is a big concern of mine is whether UT places well in DC gov't jobs.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: UT 2L Taking Qs
« on: April 08, 2007, 12:16:48 PM »
How many people are able to find good federal level government jobs? Do any government agencies come and interview on campus? What about other not BIGLAW options?

Financial Aid / Re: Grad Plus vs. private loans
« on: April 08, 2007, 12:12:06 PM »
A fin. advisor I spoke with said 750 was the magic number to make it worth it to get private loans instead of GRADPLUS.

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