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Here is an excerpt of the email he sent last Friday:

We are in the process of preparing a series of mailings preparatory the start of law school on August 16th.  The first mailing in this series will be sent next week with details on Advance Week and completing your student files with us.  We will then finalize our first-year student section assignments. 

I just spoke to Perez about my scheduling dilemma.  He was very helpful and assured me that my classes won't be scheduled all over the map.

Anyway, I then brought up the subject of the move.  After an uncomfortable laugh, he said that the latest is that we won't be moving until Fall 2006.  I asked him if that was definite, and he said they "shook hands on it" and are in the process of finalizing the lease.  So, we stay put for two years then the school moves over the summer, which is not bad.   :)

Studying and Exam Taking / Re: LEEWS???
« on: June 28, 2004, 05:05:16 PM »
LEEWS is definitely a cult, but it is one worth joining.  LEEWS gives you the inside scoop on what law school exams are all about, and that's ALL THAT MATTERS to do well in law school.  Get the tapes before school starts and listen to them at intervals throughout the semester (buy a $10 cassette player, if you have to).  By the time your first exams roll around, you will already be a law exam expert!  Avoid the actual seminars; get the tapes instead.  I know listening to the tapes may seem boring, but you can go at your own pace and can repeat the program multiple times, so I saw no real reason to do the live seminar. 

LEEWS does seem a bit dodgy, but don't let that concern you.  When I called to order the tapes 2 years ago, I actually spoke with Wentworth Miller, who was taking down order information on the 800 number. It's still enormously helpful stuff.

OK, Helpful Harry, I got past the cassette player problem.  My next questions is: do you think it makes sense to listen to these tapes while driving a car? or do you have to be sitting with pen hand during the audiotapes?  I'm thinking since I spend so much time driving, it would be a good use of time to listen in the car (I bought some kind of adapter you can hook up an old cassette walkman and play it through your car audio system.) 

I'm beginning to get the feeling they're pretty disorganized.  I just got an email from Perez saying they "might" have to disband Section D, which I selected so that I could work part time in the mornings.  In fact, Section D, a 3-year full time program where classes start at 3:30 and merge with the night classes, was the major deciding factor in my decision to go to NYLS over others I was admitted to.  I had it all planned, work a few hours in the am, then drive into the city during non-rush hour, park next door, and drive home during non-rush hour.  Now I find out the garage next to the school is closing and Section D is disbanded!  There goes my plan!  I am definitely getting on the phone with Perez on Monday to express my disappointment in this development. 

As for the move, I guess the plans he spoke of in April fell through because he gave a definite address on Wall Street.  I agree, moving the school, especially mid-semester or close to finals, could be hell. 

When I visited the school (I think it was in April), Wm. Perez was pretty vague about it, saying it's not something they're openly discussing on the website or in letters.  But when I pressed him about exactly when the move would be, he said by Spring 05 semester.  I get the feeling that nothing is written in stone - the lease may still be in negotiations, which is probably why they're not informing students.

New York Law School / Join the board!!!
« on: June 24, 2004, 08:08:07 AM »
Over 300 hits, but only 4 contributors??  I know you're out there, NYLS people, so why not log on and introduce yourselves.


They didn't say anything about medical or transcripts,but I think that will all be forthcoming in mid-July.  If you find out anything in the meantime, please share  :).

When I visited the school, they said we'd be in the new location for the Spring 05 semester.

nice dog.

I just received a response to my email, so to answer my own question: yes, they are good at responding.

We will be receiving information in mid-July explaining recommended specs for computers, and there will probably be purchase discounts.

Every student is assigned a locker.

For students commuting by car, bad news.  The parking lot next to the school is closing in fall.  This is a problem for me because I will be driving in from NJ.  I guess I'll have to make a trip in and scout around for another lot.  Between this and the school's impending move to Wall Street, I'm getting very concerned about the commutation issue.  Public transportation from where I live is very limited.

Has anyone tried to contact the admissions office lately with any questions?   Are they good at responding?  I'm getting a little anxious, so I emailed them with some questions.  No response yet, but I only emailed them yesterday.  I have a little too much free time right now, so I'm driving myself crazy obsessing over minor details, but I don't want to have to scramble at the last minute.

For example:

Does the school have lockers available for 1L's?  (I can't remember from my visit)
Does the school recommend any specific configurations for laptops?
Will there be any discounts available through the school for computer purchase?
Do we have to submit any medical records? Final transcripts?  When?

That's all I can think of for now. 

Studying and Exam Taking / Is it a good idea to join a study group?
« on: June 21, 2004, 10:27:46 PM »
In college, I never studied with people because I feel that they eventually feed off each other's anxiety, thus creating a toxic environment.  This opinion stems from scenes I observed outside the classroom just before finals - too much second-guessing and anxiety.  In fact, I always made a point to avoid talking to my classmates right before a final because I didn't want anyone disturbing the large amount of information I crammed into my brain the night before.  With that said, I realize that LS is a completely different kind of learning process - (you actually have to apply knowledge, not just regurgitate facts!) - and was wondering if it was a good idea to be in a study group for the first year.  I would hate to find out the hard way whether it was a good idea or not, so any opinions, pro or con, would be appreciated. Thanks.

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