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well no, i got no problem with going to school in LA, Im just asking what other schools i can go to if I don't get into USC or UCLA.  I mean Loyola is a good school but is it even tier one? And Ive heard Pepperdine is very religious and conservative

ok well, outside of the CA schools what other schools what you suggest? (outside of the T14 cuz Im pretty sure I got no shot there) I don't mind going anywhere, as long I still have a good shot to land a job in LA after graduation.  Are there out of state schools that for some reason place really well in LA? For example, I know that Texas places fairly well out there as do GW and Georgetown.  What else would u suggest?

1. whats v100
2. wut do u guys call ur state?



Law School Applications / What Schools Place Really Well in California?
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