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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: What would you do?
« on: October 09, 2006, 01:18:42 PM »
by the way, i love your name. Dwigt

Take the humbler guy. At least he won't write the following sentences:

X did well in my class. He earned a 93 percent overall and had a 95 percent on a presentation he did.

versus something like:

"X was an active participant in my class and showed a keen knowledge of the concepts we covered. His well spoken arguments, excellent projects and obvious intellect made him deserving of the 94 he got in my class, and I think he'd make an excellent contribution to any law school."

Obviously I've never written a rec before, but whether or not the first guy went to Harvard, that still doesn't prove much. They could look at your transcript and see you got an A. The "humble" guy is still going to give them a much better insight to how you perform in a class situation.

PS. Don't burn bridges.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: The in seat pee'r
« on: October 09, 2006, 12:37:23 PM » 

David Sedaris alerted me to this one.

I had about 10 minutes to spare on the second LR section, so I went up to go during the test. It's perfect fine if you have the time.

You could always practice bladder control. My approach was to drink 3 gallons of water a day and set smaller and smaller goals for the number of times you relieve yourself. I got it down to twice a day.

But then, I'm insane. And possibly full of something other than those 3 gallons of water...

Jesus. Christ.

i did the same thing. A lot of professors are pretty disorganized as well, so if you give them something to keep all your information in, it'll help them out.

don't forget a stamped, addressed envelope!

do you not have any better options?

I'm not in this situation, but here's what I'd do if i were. Take it with a grain of salt since I know as much as you:

Ask the professor you think is the friendliest and most approachable. Go to their office hours and talk to them personally. This face to face time will mean a lot since you can give off a pretty good impression. Give them not only a resume and trasncript but also a letter to them thanking them and telling them what all you're interested in, why you found their particular class interesting. Then give them your PS or a rough draft of your PS. Don't overwhelm them with written material, but a short letter, a resume and your PS should be great.

It might even be good to discuss with the professor why you've decided to pick them, "I know that we've only had some contact, but here's my situation..." will go a long way. If they know there's a good reason you're asking them, they're more likely to go the extra distance to make it seem like they DO know you well.

Professors who write recommendations generally want to write informed recs. The fact they don't know you can be somewhat alieviated if they can refer to things you've given them. It's not just about buttering them up; it's about allowing them to know your personal details. And the more detail there is, the better the recommendation.

Obviously it's nice to give a thank you token to your recommenders - a bottle of wine or something. But when? When you get in or a week or so after you get the letter from them? I need some etiquette advice!

I'd write them a nice note and maybe a little gift when you see they've submitted their rec to LSDAS. Then when you're accepted, write them a note (hand written or something similar) telling them that you've gotten in and decided to go to X, and thank you very much for making this possible

What about using 11 pt font?  Most apps I've read so far have said only to use font larger than 10 pt.

i'll look at that. i've managed to shave it down from about 7-8 lines to just 2 over 2 pages. So even 11.5 probably puts it at 2 pages.

oxford fr realz?

and no fish n' chips FTW?

jeez :-/


USC > Oxford

no it's not my alma mater, just did some time there. but not eating fish and chips FTW!

Which college?

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