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Reviews, Visits, and Rankings / Intellectual Property
« on: July 24, 2007, 12:03:39 AM »
This thread is for anyone who wishes to study Intellectual Property. Talk about what school you want to go to, rankings, reviews, compare universities, discuss your thoughts on the field, post helpful links for others, anything. Just a place to meet new people like you who share the same interests.

Maybe we can have sections for different fields of law, such as environmental, health, business, intellectual property law, we can meet other people interested in the same field as we are. Just a thought.

Reviews, Visits, and Rankings / University of Houston
« on: October 05, 2006, 11:37:31 AM »
Anyone here know anything about the University of Houston Law School? That is the school I want to go to because it's close to home and relatively cheap compared to other law schools(considering what you're supposed to get out it). U.S. News and World Report ranked it number 70 (surprisingly ranking both baylor and smu higher). Is it difficult to get into? I read that they accept 25% of the applicants. (good odds?) What would you say is a reasonable gpa and lsat score to get admitted? i'd appreciate any input.

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