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I was thinking today about my potential September 2006 LSAT score, and I realized that I would probably be most disappointed with an "eh" score.  What I mean by this is that I will actually be more upset about a score in the middle of "terrible" and "great" (relative to what *I* think qualifies as these scores).  This is b/c then I just won't know what to do - apply anyway and maybe get into a lower ranked school (which would be ok, I suppose), or retake?  It will be much more difficult to decide whether or not to retake if my score is just in the middle, rather than really low (and of course I wouldn't retake if it is higher than I want :)).

Anyone else feel this way?  ???

Law School Admissions / How much would early decision help me?
« on: October 05, 2006, 09:23:57 PM »
Here's the deal ... I just took the LSAT (so of course I have no score yet), but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the upper 150's - which would fit into the 25%-75% of my first choice school - The University of Cincinnati.  It is my first choice for many reasons - it is a great school, they have impressive post-school employment / bar passage rates, and I really would like to continue living in Cincinnati (in fact, I might even be getting married before I finish law school  :D)  Anyway, I am just curious how much it will increase my chances of applying early decision - I *thought* the point was so that they are SURE you will go there and you are SURE you will go there, so maybe they will be a little nicer about your application (so long as it's reasonable ... like, not a 3.0 and 150 applying to harvard - lol).

here are my stats if that helps -

GPA - 3.86 (at UC now)
LSAT - predicted best case scenerio - 159/160

Now, the deadline for UC ED is Dec 1st.  I am going to wait until I get my score, and if it's awful (below 155) I might scrap this idea - or should I still try?  I'm just not sure.  If I get below, like, a 153 I might want to retake it anyway in December (which will make early decision for fall 2007 not an option, of course).  Oh ... decisions.  Also, applying ED says I'll go there even if they give me no scholarships  :-\ - this is something I'll need to discuss w/ my mom and boyfriend, though.

I'm just curious ... if my LSAT score ends up being a point or 2 lower than the low end for the school, will they consider it since it's early decision?  Or am I screwed? (assuming a good PS, LOR's, and resume)

Now I'll feel stupid if I do better on the LSAT than I thought and could get into OSU ... but honestly, I think I'd rather go to UC :)


If it comes down to me deciding between the University of Dayton and Northern Kentucky (Chase) (both are tier 4, btw), which one do you guys think would be "better" ... of course, I have a lot more research (visiting, internet surfing, checking out alumni, talking to people) to do about both before I would decide (and if I get into University of Cincinnati, I will go there :))  I'm just curious if anyone here has any opinions.  As of now, I have no idea what type of law I would like to practice ... I'm thinking *maybe* family or real estate law, but that could totally change once I learn more.  Also, how do people feel about Capital (in Columbus) - it is a tier 4 as well, I believe.

Also - what about tier 3 schools?  Like Louisville (Brandeis)?  Clearly, I want to stay in the Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana area (I go to UC now).  University of Akron?  I just don't know how to judge them!  I'm still kinda hoping for UC, though :)  ... it all depends on the LSAT score :-P

Studying for the LSAT / Me whining ... feel free to comment.
« on: October 04, 2006, 10:33:25 PM »
It's hilarious how I felt pretty decent right after taking the LSAT, but now after looking around this website I am feeling crappy - hah.  I haven't even looked at all of your predictions for the 'credited responses' since I barely remember any of the questions/answers and I don't want to freak myself out for nothing.

Does anyone else feel like they are happily going along w/ life now, but then they remember the LSAT and get unhappy/nervous all of a sudden.  I thought I'd be so thrilled to be finished (and I am), but now I'm just nervous about getting my score ... and it isn't like there is anything I can do about it (like study - lol).

Here is my deal - I took the PR class and my scores ranged from about 155-161 on the diagnostics - I was always just so frickin' inconsistent.  I keep feeling like I may have done worse on the real test ... like a 153 :(  I dunno ... I just didn't do as well as I should have on the games (I just couldn't get good deductions on the last 2 and I know that the reading comp. was hard, but I can never really tell how I'm doing on that - I did them out of order and I did the 3 long ones first then guess/rushed on short mexican one)  Although who knows - I could be surprised with a higher score (pleeease!)  I'm just not sure what I will do.  If I randomly totally BOMB (under a 150), I will probably halt applications and retake in December (even though the thought of more studying and retaking the test seriously makes me want to scream and cry!)

Basically, I'm just not sure what to do if I get like ... a 151-155 ... I mean, I KNOW that I COULD do better than that ... I was pretty nervous/stressed for the test (and got about 2 hours of sleep the night before), but I really don't want to take it again.  I am perfectly happy attending a tier 3 or 4 school (I am strongly considering Northern Kentucky (Chase) and University of Dayton - I've heard their admissions people speak and they seem really serious and positive about their schools and I know people who have gone to these schools, graduated, and are successful) ... but I'm nervous that I won't get into ANY school with a low-ish 150's score.  I really hope all this fretting is for nothing, but ugh ... I just want to have a plan ... like a cut-off score that I will say "Ok, I got ___, now I am going to retake or now I am not going to retake."  :-\

I really want to go to the University of Cincinnati ... but their scores (on usnews) are 156-162 ... I really hope I fall into that range!

My GPA is a 3.86, btw.  I hate feeling like I'm a really smart person and should be scoring higher on this stupid test, but I'm just ... not.  blaaah.  I should never have come to this website!  ;)

Any input?  Expeiences?  ???

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