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Choosing the Right Law School / Ohio State? Case Western?
« on: January 30, 2007, 10:24:12 AM »
I am about to look at LSN, but I like talking to "real people," too.

Actually, it seems like TONS of people have either been rejected or accepted about Ohio State ... but when I check the website it STILL says "Decision Pending" for me?  Is this b/c my numbers are so borderline?  Perhaps I'm destined for a waitlist?  I don't know why it's bothering me ... I guess I'm just bored since I haven't heard much LS stuff for a while now.

Also ... I haven't heard ANYTHING from Case Western ... 1 email I received that I forgot to answer a question on the app, so I sent in the answer ... but that was ages ago.

I submitted all my apps by mid-november, btw.

I was kind of thinking about this ... I was wondering if there is some consensus about which areas of law are the really insanely difficult (difficult being - most hours put in, most real WORK at the job, etc.), and what areas of laws were known as more laid back (less hours worked, more 'slacking' perhaps?)  - or does it all depend on the particular atmosphere of the firm?

If I had to guess based on the very little I've heard, this elusive "Big Law" seems to be the most hell-ish, while the Real Estate attorneys seem to perhaps have it the easiest? (Well, maybe not - but I've heard of some that work for Sibsy Cline that make about 250,000/year and don't do much, but I also know a lady who works insanely hard as a real estate agent - but she has her own partnered firm).  What about tax attorneys?  They seem to be so looked down upon for some reason, but is it b/c their jobs are easy?  Or is it just easy if they are good at math?

Oh, and don't think I'm *looking* for an easy area of law in which to practice, I was just thinking about it since being "an attorney" can mean SO many things and is really a diverse job.  I also really don't know what area of law interests me yet ... family law seems somewhat interesting, but I won't pretend to know much about it right now :)  I also thinking teaching at a law school might be a great experience when I'm older after getting many years of experience under my belt!

Thanks everyone - I hope this is an interesting disucssion ;)

I was called by the assistant dean of admissions at Louisville (Brandeis) and he was very nice and asked me about where else I have applied and been accepted and what scholarships I've been offered and then said he would take the information to the scholarship committee to make sure that they were "competative" ... basically, he was really nice and it was clear that they really want me to go to school there.  I feel the same vibes from Dayton b/c they email/mail me all the time about things.

Also, the acceptance letters from the tier 3 and 4 schools are the ones with personal notes that say how much they want me to go there, or how much they liked my personal statement, etc.

Do the tier 1/2 schools just not feel required to do this since people tend to want to go there more?

I feel like I'm being swayed by the tier 3/4 schools simply b/c they are so nice and offering me a lot.  Anyone else feel this way?

Maybe this is just happening to me since I applied to a broad range - from tier 1's to tier 4's ?  I dunno ... UC is still my first choice overall due to a combination of location, ranking, and opportunities during breaks and after graduation, but I just wondered what everyone's thoughts were on this.

I guess I have some research to do prior to making decisions (and I'm still waiting to hear back from some schools, of course!)

I wish I got more love from the higher ranked schools, I guess!  :P

I just recently (as in the past week) decided I would try my hand at reading some Manga - before I always found it tiresome to read "backwards" ... but I'm sort of getting used to it.  The only manga I had "followed" before was Inuyasha and that was jut to see where the story goes after the anime :) (and that was translations/scans online)

I purchased and read Gunslinger Girl volume 3 (since 1 and 2 follow the anime plot almost exactly) and Eureka Seven 1 and 2 (since the anime looks so interesting on Saturday nights on Adult Swim, but I'm way behind and have no idea what's going on ... although since the manga is based on the anime it's a little different, but oh well!)

I am sad that there are no more translated Gunslinger Girl issues - apparently the company took on too many titles and had to drop (or rather "suspend" a few ...) I can hope it will continue, but I'll content myself with trying to find fan translations online!

So now I'm looking for more ideas ... I think that the 4 part "Wish" by Clamp looks really interesting ... I think I'm going to just go and buy the entire series and read it.

Any other suggestions?

Incoming 1Ls / Anyone feeling some anxiety?
« on: January 12, 2007, 02:39:32 PM »
Not that I'm overly worried (especially this far in advance), but every so often I feel that "I'm about to go to law school OH NOES!" feeling creeping in ...

Anyone else feeling that way?  I mean, I've gotten by (clearly fairly well) in undergrad with LOTS of slacking - I have come nowhere NEAR reading/studying/homeworking 6 hours a day (as I have heard is necessary for law school survival!)  I suppose that's mostly b/c I've KNOWN that I could get by with fairly little work/effort ... whereas in law school I'll know that I can't so I'll be more motivated.  In other words, it's tough in undergrad to work harder when I know that it will result in the same grade whether I procrastinate or not - while in law school I'll know that isn't so much the case.

I guess I'm just thinking "AHHH - how am I going to handle this workload!?!"  I have confidence that I can succeed - I believe in my abilities and inteligence ... I'm just wondering if anyone else is possibily feeling the same way?

General Off-Topic Board / Who's going to be busy next quarter/semester??
« on: December 30, 2006, 07:16:46 PM »
Let's hear everyone's busy schedule for next quarter/semester!  I feel like I'm going to be pretty busy, so let's see what you've got!  ;)

Here is my schedule:

MWF - Class 9-11 (lunch break 11-12) Class 12-3
MW - Chorus Jazz/Show Ensemble Rehearsals 8-9:30pm
W - 6pm Chorus Board meetings
T/TH - Class 11-12:15 (only 1 class, so hopefully I'll actually have time to do some homework!)
I will have a new job that I don't have the schedule for yet, but it will probably be T/TH evenings 5-9, and *maybe* Monday's before Rehearsal (from like 5-7 or 8).
I am also on 2 "deciding committees" for professor type things (new head of my department, for one, but luckily this doesn't take much committment from what I've been told!)

This is busier than I've been for awhile, but I'm sure there are some people out there on this board who will out-busy me!

Luckily, I am actually more productive when I am busy than when I have very little to do (i.e. the past few weeks of christmas break where I have accomplished NOTHING - hah!)

General Off-Topic Board / Explanation for why I have changed my avatar.
« on: December 23, 2006, 03:03:16 PM »
The old one was of frustration and pain - what the law school process was ... but now that I'm getting into schools (including my first choice) I changed it accordingly - yay! (it may change back after I *start* law school, though ... heh heh).

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Question about Cincinnati Acceptance
« on: December 23, 2006, 02:45:00 PM »
So I got into UC (YAY YAY YAY YAY!) and it says that the deposit is due by April 1st ... great, but there is also a supplemental form that it seems they want back right away? (maybe it helps w/ giving scholarships?) ... I would call and ask, but, well, it's saturday :)  and they probably won't be in until Tuesday due to Christmas and all, so I just wondered if anybody else was recently accepted to UC and how they are interpreting this extra form?

I really want to go to UC, but I want to wait until I hear back from all my schools (and see how much money they are all offering) until I pay a deposit ... but I don't want to *not* send a form that they want NOW :)

hehe ...

thanks, and happy holidays everyone!!!!

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / University of Kentucky - Deferred
« on: December 18, 2006, 01:23:13 PM »
Ok, so they never actually said "deferred" in the letter, but something about how they are impressed with my credentials, but they are going to wait to evaluate me until February so it will be more fair with other applicants?  - something like that (I don't have the letter with me right now).

Grrrrr ... why am I not just accepted?  What is this "wait until later" stuff ... I thought my numbers were pretty good for them ... eh, oh well.

They said if I had any additional materials they had to be in by January 26th ... on Friday I requested an updated transcipt (b/c I got a 4.0 fall quarter) to be sent to LSAC ... this *should* be re-sent to my schools (including UK) before the end of January, right?

Thanks everyone!

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