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Current Law Students / Teaching with a law degree?
« on: December 27, 2007, 07:33:26 AM »
I am curious if anyone knows anything of teaching (being an undergrad professor, as opposed to a law professor) with a law degree?  I never realized it was even an option until I heard of a few people who are doing so (but I don't know them directly, or I would ask them!)  Is this something that is mostly for older, semi-retired lawyers or what?

Current Law Students / Slackers unite?
« on: December 20, 2007, 06:22:48 PM »
Ok, I'm not THAT much of a slacker, but I feel inferior due to a conversation I had with a fellow student.  He was talking to me after our last exam about how he hadn't studied much - just maybe 8-10 hours a day for the past couple weeks .... W ... T ... F?  And that he knew ppl who were staying up and doing like 14 hours a day.  WTF are people studying so much????  I don't have the stamina to study for more than a couple hours at a time, and there were days throughout exams (or half days) where I took a break and didn't do ANYTHING.  I don't feel like I was grossly unprepared for the exams, but, granted, grades haven't come out yet!

But I'm not stressed ... the worst that can happen on our B curve is straight C's ... still get the degree.  And so long as you try and work with the career ppl you get some type of job ... it just might not pay and you get money from the school.  Still more than I would make with my undergraduate degree for a summer of work.

I just want to know ... are there ppl like me?  Ppl who can't just completely change their "slacker" ways in law school ... who can only study a reasonable amount? (Now, mind you, I DID do nearly all the assignments for classes - all the reading, and participated in class, and I only skipped 2 contracts classes ever).  But ... jeeesh, how much is it worth KILLING yourself for?  Especially when grades don't matter after your first job anyway?

Oh, btw ... I'm finished w/ exams now ... just gotta wait for when grades come out to see how I did :-P

Hey everyone.  Just finished my first exam this morning - torts.

Set-up - 6 "short" answer questions in 3 1/2 hours.

Now, torts has been my absolute favorite subject all semester, and I studied and felt like I knew everything, but I thought the exam was VERY hard.  Everyone agrees that it was difficult, and seemed to have some random things in there, and NOT some things that we had studied a lot in class.  Blah.

I felt it was hard, but I gave it my all, and finished in time.

But now I just feel so AWFUL about it.  Probably b/c I couldn't help but overhear others post mortem-ing and realized that not only had I missed a couple things (which I assumed I would), but I think I got a couple things WRONG (just due to stress and not reading correctly ... stupid contractor/subcontractor respondeat superior thing that I do NOT want to go into!)  But, on the other hand, a couple people didn't even finish the exam ... so ... I don't know.

And now I just feel super depressed and like I want to cry, but I've got to get ready for civ pro, con law, and contracts (you know the deal!)

How can I shake this feeling?

I keep telling myself that it doesn't matter ... and even if you are in the bottom percentage of the class you can still be a lawyer, but ... you know, it's just so hard, b/c none of us are used to failure (in terms of grades).  I'm afraid that I will do horribly (like ... below the gentleman's C even).

Am I just freaking out too much?  How do I shake this feeling and get over it?  I'm never usually like this ... usually I'm like "it's out of my hands, so oh well!"  .... ughhhhh.


Current Law Students / Contracts Tips/Help
« on: December 03, 2007, 05:15:31 AM »
Hey ... considering that our Contracts prof is all over the place and everyone is feeling like "what?" now that exams are around the corner, I thought I'd ask for some assistance.  I have a good lexis outline that I'm going to sort through and compare to my notes since it seems to follow our class pretty well, but I'm wondering if anyone has just a checklist to go through on exam hypos to make sure you're getting everything (or if there is one online).

I mean, it would be something like

Was there offer?
Was there acceptance?
Was there consideration?
Promisssory Estoppel?

etc. (on to the more complicated things)?

I know I will be able to make on myself, but I would worry about missing a step or overlooking something important.

Thanks a bunch!

Current Law Students / 1L - Favorite and Least favorite Class?
« on: September 17, 2007, 01:48:34 PM »
Just an "out of curiousity" for fun post!

My favorite - Torts!  Probably because the prof is awesome, and it's our small section, so it keeps my attention, and I think the subject matter is the most interesting and easy to understand.

My least favorite - Con Law!  Most likely because the professor is crazy, and I find the Constitution to be vague/ambiguous and therefore hard to apply to cases.  I have the Chemerinsky book, though, and I think that will help.

What about everyone else?

Current Law Students / Outlining - when and how to do it?
« on: September 01, 2007, 09:05:33 AM »
Hey everyone ... so, of course, I hear multiple conflicting things about outlining.

I have been told by some 2L's, 3L's and graduates to start outlining ASAP (like in the next week or two), but then from others that I should wait (like my school is advising us) to wait until October (we're even having a meeting with our section leaders to "teach us how to do it"), because then if you wait it's more like review for the exams.

So, I'm just wondering what the pros and cons are of both options and what other people's experiences have been.

Also, I'm not quite sure I know HOW to outline ... I mean, in some classes, it just seems like we're reading cases and then talking about them and I can *kind of see* generall ideas (better in some classes than others) and I guess that's what we're going for.  I have some outlines from 3L's, but I don't just want to copy or even mimic them (just use them as references).  I guess I see general concepts for, say, Torts (liability for negligence has been our major concept thus far) and personal jurisdiction in Civ Pro, for instance.

Speaking of ... I just want to give a shout out for Glannon's Civ Pro E&E which has made all that jumbled and confusing personal jurisdiction stuff seem SO much easier!

Thanks for any opinions in advance!

Current Law Students / Which Chemerinsky book?
« on: August 23, 2007, 09:43:27 AM »
So everyone raves about Chemerinsky's Constitutional law book as being very helpful, but which book?  He has written several, and the price difference is HUGE.

There is a hardback that is over 100 dollars -

and then there is this paperback which SEEMS more like an explanatory supplement -

Which one is everyone talking about???  I want to be sure to get the right one, b/c I can tell I'll probably need a supplement for Con Law.


Incoming 1Ls / Anybody else start tomorrow? (8/13)?
« on: August 12, 2007, 01:48:39 PM »
I feel like we are starting really early, but I start law school tomorrow!!!  I'm really excited!  "Real" classes don't actually start until the 21st, but Orientation week for the 1L's starts tomorrow.  Free breakfast and lunch (and lots of other free food/stuff during the week), and listening to people talk, meeting fellow law students, and learning just what we're supposed to be doing/learning in law school.  Shouldn't be too tough (until the real work begins - yikes!)

I've NEVER started school this early ... it feels weird.  Especially since it's SO HOT!  The rest of UC starts Sept. 19th, so I've been used to that.

Anyone else starting this week? (or really soon?)

I hear all about the crazy hours of necessary studying during 1L especially, and I guess I'm just curious if there will be time in November for a weekend out of town (not Thanksgiving), but a Friday evening to Sunday afternoon excursion.  I want to be able to tell my friends that I'll be able to go, but I keep saying I'm not sure b/c of homework/studying.


Incoming 1Ls / Anyone else not know their schedule until they show up?
« on: August 02, 2007, 11:35:45 AM »
I'm going to Cincinnati, and we aren't given our sections or schedules until we show up for our first week-long class (intro to the study of law) - I thought maybe this was the norm, but it seems like lots of other incoming students already know their class schedules and have bought books ... we're supposed to do it AFTER we start.  Haha.  Joke's on us.  I guess.

I'm still excited, though :)

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