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I am ASSUMING that...

t14- Nearly everyone in the class is recruited/sought after

t25- Top 2/3

t30- Top Half

t40- Top 1/3

t50- Top 1/4

and so on and so forth (with taking region into account)? Please correct me if I am wrong and/or enlighten me.

I was accepted to a very decent law school in the tier 1, however, I was deferred at a slightly higher-ranked, pretty comparable in-state institution. Would it be unwise or smart to notify the in-state school that I've been accepted to the former? Could this benefit at all in gaining admission to the in-state school. Thoughts????

P.S. The schools are differentiated by rank by USNWR by 6 spots.

Is it:

- Chicago
- Milwaukee
- Minneapolis
- Madison

Does Madison even have Big Law there? Anyone?

Can anyone speculate which schools will rise and fall within the Tier 1 (US News & World Report) based on historical trends/recent strides. Here are my guesses:

Risers: George Mason, UIUC

Fallers: No Clue

Law School Admissions / Transcripts after applying
« on: December 27, 2007, 08:58:52 AM »
Hi guys, would really love your opinion...

I recently graduated from my undergraduate institution (Dec. 16th). After applications I sort of slacked, not terribly... but still slacked. I finished the semester with a 3.28... which moved my cumulative gpa down from a 3.53 to a 3.50. I know that law schools will need transcripts upon graduation. However, is it okay to "WAIT" to send in the transcripts until I have heard back from most schools? Or, is it important that I send in my new grades/transcript immediately to LSAC?

 I have heard back from a handful of schools, but am waiting to hear back from many more. Essentially, I don't want schools seeing that I slacked until I have heard back from most law schools. I believe my LSAC GPA dropped from a 3.54 to a 3.51. Thoughts?

Studying for the LSAT / Took the LSAT over a year ago...
« on: December 06, 2007, 08:45:40 AM »
and I've already applied for the 2008 cycle. I have some solid acceptances, but to get into my dream schools I need a higher LSAT. I remember some of the things, but not all. Do you think I will have enough time to prepare for the February LSAT? I will work part-time, but that's it.

P.S. I want to go up about 5 points, too.

Law School Admissions / Considering re-taking LSAT in February...
« on: December 06, 2007, 08:02:50 AM »
I have some acceptances this cycle... but, do I have to tell every school (even the ones I am accepted at) that I am re-taking (if I do)? Or... If I am confident I'll get into about half my schools based on my score (the score I have from Sept. 2006), should I not tell them and only tell the schools where a boost in LSAT will help? I don't know the proper protocol on this. Please help.

Law School Admissions / Transcripts if graduating in December...
« on: November 29, 2007, 09:48:16 AM »
Would I need to send those out to law schools that have not yet made a decision on me? My grades are not as high as other semesters, but not terrible... partly due to slacking after the application process/senioritis. Thoughts?

Choosing the Right Law School / UIUC and the definition of "minority."
« on: November 18, 2007, 04:00:29 PM »
The way the article makes it sound, would UIUC consider an Asian Student, or any NON-URM, more-so than other institutions?

160- LSAT; 3.54- LSDAS GPA; Minority (non URM)

In order of ranking:

Washington & Lee
College of William & Mary
Ohio State
George Mason
IU- Bloomington
UNC- Chapel Hill
Wake Forest
Mizzou- Columbia
Loyola Chicago
St. Louis University
Catholic University of America

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