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Law School Admissions / Someone comfort me
« on: November 04, 2006, 02:23:05 PM »
My apps have been complete since last week but I am still waiting for lsac to process my community college transcript where I took 4 classes. My transcript was mailed to lsac on october 26th and is still not recieved according to the lsac website.

Should I be concerned?

I am even more nervous now that all the schools I applied to have requested my file from lsac and they have not been unable to get it because my transcript is unprocessed.

Are the schools going to look down on me that my transcript is unprocessed? :-[

SOrry, for the rant.

Law School Admissions / What does this mean?
« on: November 02, 2006, 07:57:51 AM »
I add the applications to my shopping cart on lsac and it says, APPLICATIONS NOT TO BE PAID WITH CREDIT CARD? Thats not a fee waiver is it? When I print the certifications, one schools directs me to a website to make a payment the other asks for a money order or check. Is this normal? I thought I could pay via credit card for all my apps.

Law School Admissions / complete, and early, what are my chances?
« on: November 01, 2006, 02:01:10 PM »
I completed my apps yesterday.

My numbers are 3.0, and highest lsat 150

Schools I applied to: Please let me know what you guys think my chances are.

A)- Chapman- for fall 2007, claims to still take average BUT looks strongly at higher
B) La Verne- Spring 2007 Still averages, no mention of higher prefernce
C) Western State- Spring 2007 Higher score if it is significantly higher
D) Whittier -Fall 2007 Takes higher score
E) Thomas Jefferson- Spring 2007 Claims to take higher score

Hoping for a much better result than last cycle where I had a lower lsat (146)and applied late after dec lsat. Any suggestions for any other schools in california?

Law School Admissions / A couple of questions
« on: October 30, 2006, 04:26:47 PM »

I am applying for spring 2007 and will be submitting my applications tonight or tommorow morning. Will I still be considered an early applicant?

Also, is it possible to apply for two terms, say spring 2007 and fall 2007 at the same time?

Thanks everyone

I poured alot of heart and soul into it. Would love for some of you to read it.Please let me know who would like to read it. Ill Pm it to you. Thx everyone

Law School Admissions / Which colleges to include?
« on: October 24, 2006, 10:59:07 PM »

I was wondering when you are filling out you're apps, in the section for undergrad institutions, do you INCLUDE all schools you attended or just the one you got the BA from? I attended a university but took 5 classes at a community college for summer school. Should I include the community college in my app? Thanks everyone.

I feel like a special ed reject.

I got a 150.

Studying for the LSAT / Need some advice
« on: October 02, 2006, 03:39:15 PM »
Before I get to my post, I wanted to say this forum is the best law school forum I have visited as far as professionalism, and members helping each other. I am very impressed. I've visted other forums like Lawstudentparadise,( should be renamed lawstudenthell) where the majority of people are high scoring lsat snobs who make you feel stupid for every post you make or question you ask. This is my first post, hopefully with many to come. :)

So let me begin.

I wasn't able to get into an aba approved law school in california last cycle because I applied late, had a low lsat, and a mediocore G.P.A.

Just took the lsat on saturday, I feel I improved, and I just want to do all I can from now until I get my score to improve my chances of admission. I want to apply as early as possible. Should I apply before I recieve my lsat score and notify the schools that my score is on the way? Or am I better off waiting since they probably won't review my application until they recieve the lsat score anyways? I just need some advice. Thank you everyone for you're time, and those post-mortem threads you guys have come up with, incredible....Good memories!

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