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Michigan State U / Re: Fall 2007 1Ls
« on: May 18, 2007, 12:45:16 PM »

I honestly don't remember where I heard about getting more info around June 1st...maybe in one of those e-chats??  It will probably be info about orientation, and just a confirmation for receiving both seat deposits.

I was on the MSU Law website today and the Fall 2007 class schedule is up.  There is a schedule up for 3 sections of full-time 1st years, I thought there were only 2 sections?

Things are going ok for me...I've just been VERY busy with work and trying to train my replacement.  I can't believe law school is now only 3 months away!  Hope things are well with you.

Michigan State U / Re: Fall 2007 1Ls
« on: May 16, 2007, 02:51:41 PM »

Try logging into your StuInfo account to check your financial aid status.  It should list the loans & grants you were approved for and you have to accept or deny them.  If there isn't anything listed yet, I would call the financial aid office.

I know we are supposed to receive another packet of info around June 1st, but I'm not sure what it will contain (as far as schedule info).  But, I'm guessing we won't find out our sections or schedules until Orientation in August.

Current Law Students / Re: Wayne (50% tuition) v. MSU (Full ride)
« on: April 07, 2007, 12:37:03 PM »
Hey Shakedown,

this thread isn't that old!  help keep it alive! haha. 

I plan to work in Michigan after graduating.

Current Law Students / Re: Wayne (50% tuition) v. MSU (Full ride)
« on: March 28, 2007, 02:52:20 PM »
Congrats Evan!  One more for the Spartys!

Well, if the leaked rankings are correct then MSU moved back into Tier 3 and Wayne fell into Tier 4! Wow!  I guess US News found out we all chose MSU, haha.

I would love to get a study group together.  I wonder if we find out our sections over the summer or not until orientation?  I'm not sure about good places to live since I'll be commuting, but one of the 3Ls at the scholarship breakfast said that the apartment complexes that came to the open house were all good places for grad students.

Current Law Students / Re: Wayne (50% tuition) v. MSU (Full ride)
« on: March 26, 2007, 10:38:21 AM »
Yay! Congratulations!

It's nice to know there will already be one familiar face in the fall. 

I just called the admissions office - we still have to pay the seat deposits April 1st and June 1st, and we will be reimbursed once we matriculate in the fall.

Current Law Students / Re: Wayne (50% tuition) v. MSU (Full ride)
« on: March 25, 2007, 07:02:21 PM »
At both MSU open houses I went to I talked to several students and they thought the average GPA was right around a 2.97 ish.  I did ask one of them if she was in the same section as all the other people on scholarship.  She didn't think so, but wasn't positive.  But, I think there are only 2 full-time sections, right? The King Program sounds really good, but I realize keeping a 3.5 may be very difficult.  I'm not that worried anymore about maintaining the 3.0 for the scholarship, and I wouldn't be devastated if I couldn't continue in the King program.

I have been really impressed by MSU and have decided that I will go there.  I am really excited about it!  I plan to send all my paperwork in tomorrow.  I was planning on calling admissions, but maybe you know the answer....since we are on full-scholarship do we still have to pay the seat deposits?

Current Law Students / Re: Wayne (50% tuition) v. MSU (Full ride)
« on: March 23, 2007, 10:56:16 AM »
Eric - I'm heading over to East Lansing tonight after work to attend the Canadian Brass thing at the Wharton Center, and then I will also be at the breakfast & open house tomorrow.  Wayne's luncheon yesterday was WAY better than their open house.  I feel bad for all the students who were only invited to the open house.

Evan - one of the students I spoke to yesterday at Wayne's luncheon was in the evening and day program last year as a 1L.  This year she is doing only the day program.  It sounded like the only real difference between her day & evening classes last year was smaller class sizes at night (which isn't a big surprise). HTH

Current Law Students / Re: Wayne (50% tuition) v. MSU (Full ride)
« on: March 22, 2007, 01:12:09 PM »
Well, I just got back from the Dean Scholar's Luncheon at Wayne. (nice to meet you Eric!) According to Dean Wu and a few 2Ls I talked to, to maintain the 3.25 GPA requirement would put you in the Top 1/3 of the class.  That doesn't sound that bad I guess.

Although, I'm still undecided! grrrr.  I'm going to MSU's open house this weekend.  Right now I feel like I could flip a coin to decide.

Current Law Students / Re: Wayne (50% tuition) v. MSU (Full ride)
« on: March 14, 2007, 11:21:52 AM »
Hey Molaw,

Those are some interesting numbers.  I have to question the 2.94 GPA average if 30% lose their scholarships since at least the college merit scholars need only a 3.0 GPA.  However, it seems the king scholars need to maintain a 3.3 GPA.  Anyway, did you get a free computer this weekend from MSU?  I wonder what kind it is anyway.  Thanks again for the info.  Have you decided?

I'm not sure how to interpret the numbers from that website I found.  For instance where it says "Minimum Grade Required to Attain %"  like MSU Top 50% is 3.10, maybe that should be interpreted that the Top 50% cannot go below a 3.10 but from year to year changes and could be higher?

So, if the average GPA last year was 2.94 and 30% lost their scholarships, then those 30% would have to be in the bottom 50% of the class, right?  I hate all these number games.

The King Scholar program GPA requirement is independent of the scholarship requirement.  It is my understanding that to remain in the King Scholar Honors Program you have to maintain a 3.5 GPA, but to keep your scholarship you have to maintain a 3.0 GPA.  (they raised the King gpa requirement to 3.5 for Fall 2007 last year it was 3.25).  So, you could be kicked out of the King program but still keep your scholarship.

I did get a letter for the free laptop on Monday.  That's a nice offer and I don't want to sound ungrateful, but a laptop is kind of a "personal" thing, and I would like the option to be able to pick what components, hardware, software I want on it, which from this letter it doesn't sound like you would be able to do.  I understand that they probably get some good university bulk pricing from say Dell or who ever.  It would be nice to get like a credit at Dell and then be able to pay extra to personalize it.

I'm going to Wayne's open house this Friday and I will ask similar GPA/scholarship questions then.

Current Law Students / Re: Wayne (50% tuition) v. MSU (Full ride)
« on: March 11, 2007, 11:32:55 AM »
Does anyone know the grading curves at MSU and Wayne?

According to MSU and Wayne's grading scale is as follows:

MSU '05-'06
Letter Grades     Numerical Equivalents
       A+       N/A
       A       4.0
       A-       3.67
       B+       3.33
       B       3.0
       B-       2.67
       C+       2.33
       C       2.00
       C-       1.67
       D       1.00
       F       0.00
Top 10%:    3.70
Top 25%:    3.43
Top 33%:    3.29
Top 50%:    3.10
Top 75%:    2.78

       % of Class Receiving    GPA Required    # of Students         
Summa cum laude:    4%    3.75              13
Magna cum laude:    11%    3.50              35
Cum laude:            13%    3.25              41

Wayne State '05-'06

Letter Grades    Numerical Equivalents
       A+       4.00
       A       4.00
       A-       3.67
       B+       3.33
       B       3.00
       B-       2.67
       C+       2.33
       C       2.00
       C-       1.67
       D       1.00
       F       0.00

Top 10%:    3.65
Top 25%:    3.39
Top 33%:    3.29
Top 50%:    3.07
Top 75%:    2.80

                % of Class Receiving    # of Students
Order of the Coif:    Top 10%       23
Summa cum laude:    Top 1%                4
Magna cum laude:    Top 5%                9
Cum laude:            Top 20%       41

Also, I received this email from MSU Admissions in response to my question about average GPA.

"The GPA of the 1L class for this year was a 2.94.  I can give you the % of students that lost their scholarship after the first year.  For last year, as we only monitor at the end of two semesters so this years students would not have lost yet, around 30% lost their scholarship at the end of spring, however they may have regained it back after fall.  Hope this helps"

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