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Job Search / Re: The Waiting Game - Callbacks and Rejections?
« on: September 07, 2007, 02:52:18 AM »
I was told that some interviewers HATE hearing interviewees asking generic questions such as "so why did YOU choose this firm?" or "what is the firm culture like?".

After a screening interview I had with a biglaw NY firm, the interviewer actually said, "Thank God you didn't ask me the lame, 'Why did YOU choose so and so LLP?' because after the 50th time I heard it, I don't even want to answer it anymore."  Try to ask very targeted specific questions about the firm and appear interested.  If the interviewer meets with 20 students from your school and 15 of them ask the same generic questions, only 5 will distinguish themselves. 

I realize that it may be difficult distinguishing one firm from another but I would strongly recommend that in addition to firm's website and NALP, you may also wanna check the firm's bio on and their strengths in specific practice groups on (is that the right link?).  Chambers and partners gives you a better idea of what specific practice areas a firm excels at and what practice areas don't have as much recognition. 

All NY/DC biglaw firms are generally great at everything but certain firms are better at certain things than others.  If you can say something like "Oh I know X LLP is great at Y and that is what I want to do" then the interviewer may like you a lot more. If the firm is much more balanced, you can say that since you're unsure of what you wanna do, the firm is great for you b/c it's awesome at everything and you get to sample awesome stuff. 

Also, look specifically at what the summer program entails and ask questions about it.  For example, I noticed that most NY firms have 2 types of summer programs: 1) you get to observe real transactions or attend real depositions but you don't get as much hands-on experience; or 2) the firm makes up some sort of hypothetical transaction and the summer associates have to pretend like they're important and battle it out. 

If the firm is in the former category, tell them how it's great that the firm gives SA's real, substantive work rather than silly hypothetical crap (in a nicer way of course).  If the firm is in the latter category, tell them how it's great that SA's get to directly participate in a simulated transaction while other firms just have their SA's sit back and watch.  Everytime I brought that up, the interviewer loved talking about how their summer program was superior to others and how their summer associates were very satisfied with the program.  No joke their eyes light up and they love talking about it (unless you get someone that never participated in the summer program or an interviewer that doesn't give a flying rats ass about summer associates... i had a few of those...)

Good luck to you and I hope things work out!

Job Search / Re: The Waiting Game - Callbacks and Rejections?
« on: September 06, 2007, 10:21:56 AM »
Perhaps your career services has a mock interview type thing?  It seems to me like you have good credentials but something is going wrong on the interviews.  I'm not saying that you're socially retarded or anything but maybe you're coming off too strong or something like that? 

Good luck with the job search.  I'm sure if you keep trying and reflect on how your interviews are going you should be fine. 

Job Search / Re: distinguishing one firm from another...
« on: September 05, 2007, 07:19:47 PM »
DISCLAIMER:  This post is not legal advice.  Alamo disclaims any and all liablity for interview gaffes, disastrous career moves, mid-life crises or other consequences of following the advice given above.

I do everything you tell me to sensei...

Oh and you may also wanna inquire about how many summer associates are extended permanent offers at the end of their summer clerkship.  Most biglaw firms are close to 100% but if yours isn't, you may wanna reconsider going there

Job Search / Re: Had Callback...Where's the Offer?
« on: September 05, 2007, 02:10:57 PM »
ok i waited 2.5 weeks for an offer from a biglaw NY firm and they called me today just to tell me that they needed an additional 2 weeks...

what's up with that...

right now as a 1L I fing that I don't have the energy to read all cases, so I read case briefs and I read the notes in the case books. If I brief every case myself, I would be reading 24/7. I also read commercial materials to understand things. So far I have no problem in class. But is this method really stupid? I do really want to do well.

if anything use the commercial briefs to get down the facts but read the actual case for the rule and reasoning.  sometimes the facts take a while to skim so the commercial briefs do a good job of that.

if you rely solely on commercial outlines and briefs it may come back to bite you in the ass... an upperclassman i spoke to last year relied solely on commercial stuff and he did very very poorly that semester. 

Job Search / Re: "I'm sure you'll have a bright future in the law"
« on: September 04, 2007, 10:13:23 PM »
I got a "you only got your summer job because of your father, we frown on nepotism at this firm"  and then a "say hello to your father" as I was walking out the door.  Keep in mind he didnt know my father.  I was offended till my friend said that he told her "I am not going to lose any sleep over you not getting a callback."  Needless to say, neither of us got callbacks and many of those that did will be turning them down.  I would have rather had a "good luck." 

what kind of piece of *&^% firm was this? 

Job Search / Re: Had Callback...Where's the Offer?
« on: September 04, 2007, 10:12:26 PM »
Hey Guys - So I just heard from the first of the three firms - all are NY BigLaw btw, I dont know if I mentioned that - and I got an offer! The hiring partner called at around 5pm - and this is exactly 2 weeks since the date of my call back. Hopefully this bodes well for the other two...I thought getting in the process early would help results come more quickly but apparently things don't start to speed up til later in September. Thanks to those who posted what they know, it helps...

Congrats dude!!

Just make sure you remember to express your interest in the firm within 30 days... the nalp info will come to you in the mail with your official offer.

Job Search / Re: Declining Callback interviews
« on: September 03, 2007, 02:10:02 PM »
I'd bet this is one of the rare situations, where you should ask the career services office at your school.  I'm sure there are some NALP guidelines on this.  It must come up pretty often, so the career services people should know how yo handle it.

I asked the career services ppl and they said they didn't know... unsurprisingly...

Current Law Students / Re: Lexis Nexis and West Law points
« on: September 02, 2007, 10:53:01 PM »
an upperclassman told me that if you do those quiz things once a day and go to a few training sessions, by the time you graduate you'll earn enough points to get yourself an IPOD...

it takes no more than 2 minutes so it shouldn't be troublesome to rack up some points

Current Law Students / Re: Outlining - when and how to do it?
« on: September 02, 2007, 11:36:07 AM »
Glannon is actually my Civ Pro professor and he is great!  I also have his E & E on Torts and he is writing one on property.  Too bad I won't get it on time. 

My first semester civpro professor was so horrendous that I wanted to get a refund on a portion of my tuition and give it to Glannon. 

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