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General Off-Topic Board / For Hank, if he's around today.
« on: February 09, 2007, 10:18:49 AM »

I think you will enjoy this.

You're probably still a racist, however.

With Libby's lawyers making the administration look worse than Fitzgerald ever did. Though I wonder how much of the evidence they're using was uncovered by Fitzgerald in the first place.

I seem to remember Fitzgerald catching a lot of flack for being a supposed partisan hack.

General Off-Topic Board / ITT...
« on: January 20, 2007, 12:51:01 PM »
Technical Institute.

If they make a three year commitment. Legislation should be proposed with a couple weeks.

Thanks, male private part. I knew there was a reason I voted for you.


One of the highlights of Ivan Kral's DVD / video, DANCING BAREFOOT is the electrifying clip of Patti's appearance on a PBS television special, (which aired in the summer of 1978), entitled THE NIGHT OF THE EMPTY CHAIRS.  It was a show put together by Leonard Bernstein, and featured many well know artists, writers and performers (such as Arthur Miller),
reading from their work and speaking out against political oppression in other countries, as a benefit for Amnesty International.  Unfortunately, the clip used on the DANCING BAREFOOT DVD is only about half of Patti's performance, so here is the text of the entire reading, which was a piece written by the Czech band, The Plastic People of the Universe. 

Art Buchwald introduced Patti with the following remarks, which Patti took violent exception to, right in the middle
of her performance.

Art Buchwald:   Even rock bands are not spared from
political reprisal.  To tell about one group, called
The Plastic People, in Czechoslovakia, is Miss Patti
Smith.  Joining Patti, is her guest guitarist, Ivan

Patti Smith:  In the sixties there was a piece called
HUNDRED PER CENT that the Plastic People of the
Universe writ.  After a decade of harassment,
censorship, mace, lice - they were arrested in the
Spring of 1977.  All their work - the technology of
their work - everything built on blood and sweat, was
confiscated, which brought another blow in the face,
which mouths the tongue of love.   Rock 'n' roll: the
universal language of freedom. 

_____________________________ _______________________


They're afraid of the old for their memory. 
They're afraid of the young for their ideas - ideals.
They're afraid of funerals - of flowers - of workers -
of churches - of party members - of good times.
They're afraid of art - they're afraid of art.
They're afraid of language - communication.
They're afraid of theater.
They're afraid of film - of Pasolini - of God/dard.
 of painters - of musicians - of stones and sculptors.

They're afraid.
They're afraid of radio stations.
They're afraid of technology, free float form of
information. Paris Match - Telex - Guttenburg - Xerox
- IBM - wave lengths.
They're afraid of telephones.
They're afraid.
They're afraid to let the people in. 
They're afraid to let the people out.
They're afraid of the left.
They're afraid of the right.
They're afraid of the sudden departure of Soviet
troops - of change in Moscow - of facing the strange -
of spies - of counterspies.
They're afraid.
They're afraid of their own police.
They're afraid of guitar players.
They're afraid of athletes - of Olympics - of the
Olympic spirit - of saints - of the innocence of
They're afraid. 
They're afraid of political prisoners. 
They're afraid of prisoners families - of conscience -
of science.
They're afraid of the future.
They're afraid of tomorrow's morning.
They're afraid of tomorrow's evening.
They're afraid of tomorrow.
They're afraid of the future.
They're afraid of stratocasters - of telecasters.
They're afraid of rock 'n' roll.
What does he mean, even rock bands?  Even rock bands?
Rock bands more than anybody else suffer from
political repression. 
They're afraid.
They're afraid of rock 'n' roll - of telecasters - of
stratocasters - of old age - in the streets - behind
the locked doors.
They're afraid of what they've written - of what
they've said - of fire - of water - of wind - of slow
- of snow - of love - excretion.
They're afraid of noise - of peace - of silence - of
grief - of joy - of language - of laughter - of
pornography - of honest and upright - they're uptight.

They're afraid of lone and learn and learned people.
They're afraid of human rights and Karl Marx and raw
They're afraid of socialism. 
They're afraid of rock 'n' roll.
They're afraid of rock 'n' roll.
They're afraid of rock 'n' roll.
They're afraid of rock 'n' roll.


General Off-Topic Board / I'm starting a rumor about Stanley
« on: January 08, 2007, 08:06:37 PM »
He persuades posters to attend CLS. Then he shuns them once they show up. In fact, he shuns everone. He's vindictive and a  backsliding Amish.

Provide additional Stanley truths in this thread.

Issued 1.5.07

I dare anyone to provide a chile relleno recipe that is simple and delicious.

General Off-Topic Board / Misunderstood and under-appreciated LSDers
« on: November 28, 2006, 11:39:00 PM »
Not exactly the opposite of the hate thread.


General Off-Topic Board / Televized political coverage
« on: November 06, 2006, 10:39:17 PM »
The main political objective of television news is...

...a polarized, cynical electorate.

1. Higher ratings
2. More campaign ad revenue.

The end.

Yes? No?

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