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thanks orangie

yea, when i mentioned 180 i meant it more figuratively than literally.  as in, is it possible for me to master the test starting out from a 158.  i know that it'd take a large dose of luck, even for someone scoring in the high 170's, to get those extra few points for a 180.  from what ive heard, when you get to the mid-high 170's it's mostly a crapshoot.  that's why i want to get to a 175, to at least give myself a shot.

yea, i know the odds are a bit long.  so what would be a realistic practice score to shoot for?  my RC was 23/26 btw.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: old lsats online?
« on: September 22, 2006, 01:56:10 PM »
that's not the correct website.


where the heck did people comme up with

so i just took my first diag and i got a 158.  games are my weakest area, my Rc is pretty strong, my LR is decent.  I really want a 180.  How long do you think would it take me to improve to say...175 on my practice tests?  I know 180 takes a bit of luck and I think if I can practice at 175 or above I have a shot at 180 on test day, optimistically.  However, I'd probably be content with anything above 175. 

edit: i'll be using the bibles and taking preptests.  i'm out of school so I can devote a good amount of time to LSATs.

it's not either, lol

it's, and it's all in chinese. 

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