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Hey!  Who are you calling old!!!  ;)

I am in my third year of a PT program.  I started at age 48 and will be 51 when I graduate in 2009.  I work FT-plus.  Challenging yes, but it has been one of the best experiences of my life.  Because of my "advanced age" I have a great network and already have some job prospects upon graduation (and I am solidly in the middle grade-wise).  Prospective employers are more interested in my professional experience combined with a law degree.  Great site for nontrads is

I am an RN and in my 3rd year of a PT program.  There are lots of opportunities for RN/JD.  Check out (The American Association of Nurse Attorneys).  Undergrad GPA was a little less than yours and LSAT was ok.  Took two admissions cycles to get in, but I am in now and doing great.  Love it - oh, and I'll be 51 when I graduate!

Minority and Non-Traditional Law Students / Re: OMG Will I ever make it !!!
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I am an RN in my second year of a part-program.  I love it!  Hardest, best thing I have ever done.  There are many opportunities for nurse attorneys.  Check out The American Association of Nurse Attorneys website (

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