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If law schools are concerned about their job placement rates (and they should be) then it seems to me that they might appreciate an applicant who has a foot in the door at a top firm.  If a firm is deciding between two candidates from roughly comparable schools, wouldn't they prefer to hire the one that they already know?

Entry level work at a law firm might not prepare you to be a lawyer, but it can be useful for developing contacts that lead to employment.

I'm agnostic and went to a Catholic undergrad.  I was in the minority when it came to religious beliefs, but it isn't the worst thing to be a voice of opposition.  In fact, I think it made my college experience more rewarding.  There are some extremists that might ostracize you but the vast majority of Catholics at my school were at least open minded.  Except for people at either end of the spectrum, I think everyone finds a way to get along.  I can't speak for Notre Dame, but I assume the situation would be similar.

That said, if you really don't want to be the minority then why not look elsewhere?

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