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Thank you all very much.  My choice in school for criminal justice is because even if I don't head on to law school for any reason, I still have the foundation in criminal justice which is what I am focusing on.  I want to be able to help and make a positive difference in some way.  Also, I can get grants for most of my tuition for my undergrad because of my health and other factors(assuming I pursue it properly) so I think I have made the right choice.  Thank you all again.

Minority and Non-Traditional Law Students / Looking for some advice....
« on: January 04, 2013, 05:37:55 PM »
Thank you first and foremost for taking the time to read this and for any replies to help my future path.  Im currently 34 years old and am planning a drastic change in my life and circumstances.  I own and operate a small mobile audio company which I started in 2008.  I also work as a manager for a local auto parts store.  Most of my life choices have put me where I am.  Some I am proud of some I am not.  Some unforeseen circumstances have also played a significant factor in other areas.  I am married to my wife of 6 years and we have a wonderful 5 year old daughter.  My wife has just finished school so now as promised to my daughter, I am returning to school.  I attended Devry University in 2003 with a major in Electrical Engineering however due to a major illness, I was forced to leave after only one year.  While I was there, my grades were slightly above average but nothing outstanding.  I've spent years with many doctors and multiple surgeries getting myself to a happy normal again.  Now onto my point.  I have a goal to complete law school.  Its time to start down the road.  I am looking at the local community college for a degree in criminal justice for my undergrad.  My first question is if this is an acceptable way to start or am I wasting my time at a community college?  Should I even begin looking at a graduate school yet?  Am I too old to even be considering this?  Are there any recommended books or literature that I can study up on to influence my actions in a helpful manner?  Does anyone have any pertinent information that could help me out?  I greatly appreciate your time and thoughts on this.

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