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WVU...for the most part yes. I know I sound hopeful but I would really like to transfer to Univ of MD, GULC, UVA, GWU, or UNC-CH. I took too long to get my apps out due to money shortages, and got dinged at all of the above. Either way, I think I should do pretty well in law school. I recieved my paralegal certificate a couple of days ago and interned at some non-profit law firms. I don't mind graduating from there because the JD/MBA program can be completed in three years, and they also offer a graduate certificate in Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation. It takes a summer to complete the certificate in the Business school and it fits with my SEC aspirations.

Meeting place for WVU students. WVU Mounty are you still attending? So far its Jbowen and me.

Yeah I am watching my two year old daughter while typing on here so sometimes I may lose sight of my point. I am orginally from Charlotte,NC. You will love it!!! The Raliegh/Durham/Chapel Hill area is a wonderful academic area. I orginally planned on moving my family after graduation due to the cost of living and ease of the environment. I have my sights set on working in DC, Northern VA, Charlotte, or Atlanta as a securities/ corporate lawyer. Now NC is a litte slower than Cali so that is the major thing to know. Akso don't pick on the Southern accent---we hate that.

Grad dorms are right down from freshman women dorm and another women dorm. They are also a short walk to class, and the renovations have made the law school quite nice. The campus is not that large. Everything is within walking distance. Word to the wise though, just like Howard the administration hates doing their jobs, and you will probably have to wait in line for your refund check unless they have updated that process as well. Are you planning on living on the east coast after graduation? In-state tuition cannot is great.

What does the acceptance package look like from NCCU?

Unless they have renovated they are really small, and have AC in the window. NCCU is really not a secure campus. I lived in the only male dorm on campus, and the projects are right down the hill from the school. Well, really they are all around it. People from the area would constantly rob students at gunpoint, and if you sold weed you could count on at least two armed robbery attempts a semester. Once two local guys tried to rob a dude on my hallway, and the entire hall jumped them. One got away, but the other left on a strecher and oxygen tank. Durhamites, residents of Durham, can be quite jealous of the fact that you go to school, whether it is Duke or NCCU. Overall though it is a great school, and I am awaiting my decision anyday now as well. The only thing that bothers me is that NCCU consistently flunks out a quarter of their 1L class---now that is rough. I am thinking of attending WVU, and one of the main reasons is the remarkably low attrition rate for a T3/T4 school. Good luck!

The Dub V (West Virginia University) aka 2008 BCS Champions.

Girl you better go to UVA and do your thing. Hopefully with any luck I will see you there in 2008 as a transfer.

If at all possible you do not want a graduate apt on campus at Central. From what I remember in undergrad they are not that great.

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