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Thanks for the replies. I'm sorry, it sounds like I wasn't clear in my original post. The schools I mentioned are already on my list, except for SMU which I'm not interested in. At the moment my top choice is UT, regionally followed by Tulane and U Arizona. It all depends on how my LSAT goes and where I get money. I'm also applying to a few T10's, so if I get money somewhere like that, that'll shake things up a bit. What I was hoping to do here was get a few more options, but now I think that my choices are pretty much set until after the LSAT.

Choosing the Right Law School / Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana
« on: August 08, 2006, 08:59:00 PM »
Hi folks, first post, nice board, all that :)

My UGPA is 3.93 and I'm sitting for the Sept 2006 LSAT. My practice scores have been from 167-176 and I'm assuming I'll get between 165-170 on the real thing. My wife and I are planning to settle down long-term in one of the major cities in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, or Louisiana. My goal is public service so scholarships are very important to me. While I will probably be able to qualify for T14, hefty scholarships might not happen depending on how the LSAT goes, so I would like to have a number of lower T1 schools in mind to shoot for money.

What's bumming me out is that there don't seem to be any T1 schools in the four states mentioned above, other than UT, until we get down to Tulane/SMU/U Arizona right at the T1/T2 border. I'm not a slave to the USNWR rankings but I'm hoping for some middle ground.

What I'm asking is, are there any sub-T14 T1 schools other than UT/Tulane/SMU/U Arizona which have particularly good reputations in my target areas? I've ruled out Alabama since my wife doesn't want to live there for three years. I'm also not too excited about California schools. Are NC/GA/FL schools too far away to be useful as regional names?

Am I missing anything?


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