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I'm still waiting on Hawaii and the final word from Northeastern since they deferred me to the regular app pool...I've pretty much decided on Temple, but still it would be nice to hear either way...

I was visiting the day the new rankings were released and here is what the prof for the class I was sitting in said. More than half the reason their rank fell was due to their drop in employment 9 months after graduation. He said that most schools make this number up or employ grads to the university at like 8.5 months and let them go a few weeks later to boost their numbers. He said USD doesn't do that...also he said that the stat would go back up next year since 92% of grads had jobs. the other main reason he said the ranking dropped is the score that other attorneys/judges/etc give the school. No real response to this other than he said since USD hadn't been to the final four in awhile, many outside of CA hadn't heard of it really and thought it was a regional law school, scoring it lower.

Idk if its a fluke or not... but thats what the prof said, make of it what you will...

I was really impressed with the whole day. I'm planning on visiting U San Diego this weekend and then making my choice, but USD is going to really have to sell it bc Temple was awesome

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Cardozo
« on: November 29, 2006, 06:57:18 AM »
Congrats!!!!!  :)

So here is my dilemma. I'm going to be senior. I've done reasonably well in my classes but am not a big one for talking in class. Its not that I'm not prepared or don't know what's going on, its just that unlike many of my other classmates, i don't talk during class to hear the sound of my own voice or try to impress the professor with my many travels of the world. I only talk/answer questions on occasion, but I'd like to think that when I do they're insightful.

Anyways, because of my general quietness, I haven't made a huge impression on many of my profs, and only really feel comfortable asking one and I know I need at least 2 academic LORs. Should I just ask for LORs from profs that taught courses I did well in in the past and hope for the best? Or should I wait for my fall classes and really try and make a good impression in the first month or so and then ask them to write a LOR in Oct/Nov?

Any advice at all would be helpful...thanks!!

wow this is helpful for me too. I'm really into the environment, its basically the only reason I want to go to law school. I was planning on writing a similar personal statement, but focusing on one key event in my life that started my whole environmental justice this any better? or should I try something completely different? I've had an interesting life, I've traveled a lot and currently live overseas, perhaps i can spin that? any feedback would be helpful. Thanks!

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