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That sounds really stupid.  Sorry, I sympathize. 


What's it about? or do you have no idea?

I have to do a pavement design, horizontal and vertical alignment design, and striping of a road (with the inclusion of a bridge). I think my part of the project is easy, I am just a moron. Plus, I don't have the soil data that is needed for my pavement design.


I am currently working on my senior project; however, I have no clue how the eff to to it.

Taking questions.

So, how exactly did I miss this little tissle? Is goosenesque a chick? It is just like a chick make outlandish claims about things they have no idea about. oppps, did I just say that? :o

Ebonics, remember when there was a movement to place it as an acceptable language in schools?

General Off-Topic Board / Re: 13,089.89
« on: April 25, 2007, 01:35:50 PM »
I'm confussseedd

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Who's going where? LSD class of 2010
« on: April 24, 2007, 07:52:32 AM »
i'm sad there aren't more people ending up at smu with me :(

Don't worry jer, we're all going there with you, in spirit of course.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Who's going where? LSD class of 2010
« on: April 23, 2007, 11:23:55 AM »
Well it is official, I am going to University of San Diego this Fall!!!

Add me to the list please  :)

Yeah Einstein! Good to see you made the right choice. I will see you in the fall!

nearly all scholarships make you repay the money if you do not graduate from the school.

Really?  I've gotten several offers and this wasn't laid out in any of them.

My scholarship offer from Cal Western said exactly that. It specifically stated that I would have to repay the money if I transferred. I think a lot of t4 schools have students transferring so they may be more apt to stating it frankly.

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