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The people of LSD always amaze me. Even while I sit here starting my all-nighter, it makes me chuckle.

I want some random Joe to start hating on me. That would make my day. I need my own personal hater/stalker. Where are you "iSalute your mom in bed"?

Law School Admissions / Re: Scholarship Question
« on: May 12, 2007, 12:55:16 PM »
Sorry if this is the wrong forum I skimmed em for a second and couldn't find a scholarship forum...

If my acceptance letter says I recieve 10500 for the 2007-2008 academic year, does this continue on each year with good academic performance, or is this a one time thing?  I've never received any kind of scholarship before so I don't know.

It will typically say in the letter if is it renewable or not. This seems to be a one year scholarship. Depends on the rank of the school, if you do well your first year they will give you money for the next year so you dont transfer.

You have a shot at 90-100 I believe. Good luck.

I love America!


why the hell do civil engineers reduce the lanes at major highway intersections?  don't they teach you guys chaos theory? (damn my nonlinear dynamics homework)

Not knowing which particular intersection you are speaking about, it is hard for me to give you a reason. A lot of times at a major intersection there is not enough right-of-way to withstand additional lanes.

Sorry, I thought you were a 1L!  You can't bribe me then, I'm in charge for selecting the 1Ls.  You'll have to bribe them after we decide who's on the board in March. :)

Never hurts to have a 3L buddy.

If I'm on the board next year, you may start your bribing now  ;).

Alrigth, alright. Just give me your price.

Engineering judgement? Dude, does Loma Prieta ring any bells? :D

The reason Loma Prieta was so destructive was because of the bay area muds. San Fran is built on crap soil, and with any movement of the ground extreme liquifaction occurs. Darn liquifaction.

Both of you... sign up for "SDLR/ILJ Write-On" on TWEN.

And then read my post in the FAQ about bad writers getting on... I'm serious in the post!

Haha, will do. Thanks man.

And iS, don't worry about twen until you're here. You can't use it until you're here.

Okay, cool. That makes me feel better. Thanks.

Both of you... sign up for "SDLR/ILJ Write-On" on TWEN.

And then read my post in the FAQ about bad writers getting on... I'm serious in the post!

What the heck is that? Where do I sign up? Man, I feel stupid.



What's it about? or do you have no idea?

I have to do a pavement design, horizontal and vertical alignment design, and striping of a road (with the inclusion of a bridge). I think my part of the project is easy, I am just a moron. Plus, I don't have the soil data that is needed for my pavement design.

If you don't have the information necessary, how are you supposed to do it? Can you get this information?

I may just have to use my 'engineering judgement' and make a crazy assumption. I dont know!!!

Is it bigger than a breadbox?


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