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Current Law Students / Re: law school & pets
« on: July 26, 2006, 11:15:32 PM »
No time for a dog.  If you get a pet, get a cat.

Current Law Students / Re: Moot Court v. Law Review
« on: July 26, 2006, 11:15:01 PM »
I can understand the questions.  I just made LR and was asked to apply for the traveling team (moot court).

The traveling team takes up WAAAY too much time.  I think I'll do LR.

Current Law Students / Re: Law Schools To Avoid At All Costs!
« on: July 26, 2006, 11:12:29 PM »
Avoid UWLA at all costs!

Transferring / Re: Do any schools give scholarships to transfers?
« on: July 23, 2006, 06:10:10 PM »
I'm a transfer student and came in as a 2L.  I was promised "if I did OK" that I'd get a scholarshp --- but I've been on the Dean's List twice at the new school and am still waiting.

"Once they got ya --- they got ya!"

One word:  DON'T

Don't fool yourself!  There is a reason the parking is "free!"  The parking lot is not covered and it was 100 degrees when I was there a week ago!

As far as "recreation," you are kidding yourself if you think you're going to have time to go to the beach and hang out!  All of the people I know who had any kind of a life outside of the law library or study group during the first year are G.O.N.E.!

Whittier has a reputation of KICKING OUT LOTS AND LOTS OF STUDENTS.  (So does Southwestern and La Verne, too.)  It is very frightening to see medical doctors and people with advanced degrees in engineering and physics from schools like MIT and Harvard get the boot!

If you're already in --- good luck!  But, take my advice.  When people tell you that they "only study a couple hours a day," don't believe a word!  They are probably studying until 2 a.m.! 

There are a few of the things that have been said to me:

"Do you have any idea how OLD you will be when you graduate?!" 

Careful!  Careful!

I own a condo in the Los Angeles area and am single, so there are no outside sources of income!

I looked into my options CAREFULLY.

If I moved to a city outside of LA, this meant I'd have to sell the condo.  If I didn't re-invest immediately I would be hit with capital gains and/or be denied financial aid by having too much money in the bank.  And, if I wanted to get another loan, I would have to disclose that I had no income other than student loans --- which is something lenders don't want to hear.

A number of lenders whom I consulted flat out told me to LIE ON THE APPLICATION!!!  However, how would that going to look on a background check?!!!  My guess is that it could potentially be big trouble!

I made the choice to enter a less-attractive law school near LA and make a very long commute.  The good news is that I'm in the top 15% at my school and my condo has increased in value by $200,000 -- which will pay for my law school.  And, I don't have to worry that my honesty might be called into question -- or that I might be denied loans.

It may not have been the ideal situation, but I didn't have to worry about making false statements on a loan application!

One more thing.  Whittier's campus reminds my of my Junior High School!  (I think somebody mentioned this in this thread.)

Check out ULV.  They are giving out great scholarship and have their ABA now.

I have no clue about what percentage of any race I am.  But, I know I have a relative named "Zanuba" with no last name.  I look white so I marked "white" in the box.

However, I have since been told in the future to mark "decline to state" or "unknown."  That is probably more honest anyway.

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