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Yes we do.  I hate to break it to you, but most big city prosecutors went to top schools.  There is NO need for TTTs and especially TTTTs.  There just isn't. If there were only two-tiers, then everybody would end up in some legal job and you wouldn't have the struggle that goes on with some of your fellow-classmates (assuming you go to a TTT).

However, continue to argue the facts.  It is reality that many TTT grads will STRUGGLE to find ANY meaningful legal employment.

2Lman- question-
Let's say, hell froze over and you bombed the lsat- got a say, 150- and all you got accepted to was TTT and TTTT schools.  And for the sake of argument, let's say waiting a year is out of the question- or, you bombed it again.

Wouldn't you want the opportunity to prove your worth in law school and hope to transfer, at the least?  Or would you also label yourself "worthless"?  honest question.  no disrespect intended. 

I wouldn't have gone to law school.  There are plenty of careers out there and while I always wanted to be a lawyer, the reality is it just isn't worth it if you don't get into a good school.

Yes, fair enough.  We can agree to disagree on the medical vs. legal community and we can agree that Dayton is a TTTT.  If you loved it so much, you wouldn't have transferred lol ;).

I did answer the OP's question from what I was told by a close friend.  Then it became a "defend your TTTT" post. 

So where do you go?

You are my hero lol.  I'm curious to see if you do as well your first year at a Top law school as you did at Dayton.

Either way, you remain the exception and that likely explains your chip on your shoulder.  Got something to prove there big guy?  Why don't you just pull it out and measure it lol?

I got into a top school, I have Biglaw lined up, and I'm not paying for my legal education.  I have NOTHING to gripe about right now.  I simply state my opinion on T3s and T4s.  An opinion shared by many, and with a substantive argument behind our reasoning.

Yet, here you sit, freaking out on me personally rather than addressing the issue at hand.

Aww, no response to the study?

What T3 do I attend?  HAHA!  See, my 4.0 at Dayton my first year allowed me to move up the chain.  I wonder if I was offered a job at one of the BIGLAW firms that rejected you?  Isn't it crazy how the system works?  I couldn't get into a T1 in the first place but after only 1 year of grades and a move up the ladder, I probably received more offers than you, someone who was able to get into a T1 off the bat. 

Again with your analogies.  Seriously, can you please think before you speak.

Dude, nothing personal, but I imagine that you didn't even have screening interviews at some of the firms I had offers from. Ask around the board.  I may be a prick, but I'm definitely not hurting in life lol.  I have a DC BigLaw offer lined up for the summer.

My guess is you are still at a low ranked T1 that doesn't pull nearly as much as the T25 I go to. 

It's great that you were able to transfer, however, you are the exception and not the rule as I've said repeatedly in these posts.  Also, even being NUMBER ONE in your class at Dayton, you still had no hope at a T20 school, which should tell people something out there.....

Oh, and regarding your "study." Cite your source for one, two, I have better things to do than research your study lol.  Lastly, for every 1 case of malpractice there are hundreds of patients that get the treatment they need.  This is a stupid argument and the fact that you think your side has merit doesn't do much for your credibility.

AHHHHHH, I see why the bitterness.... You went to Dayton.... Then you were the exception to the rule and were top in your class, so you assume that everyone will do as well as you did.  However, judging from your posts, and the fact that you said you wish you would have stayed at Dayton, I'm guessing that top of your class at Dayton wasn't even enough to get you into a lower ranked T1.  Plus, now you are competing with higher caliber of students (somewhat) and probably still going to be struggling to get a good job.

Top of the class at a T4 is definitely better than average at a T2 or low T1.

The system works?  How can you even make a claim that there are more competent doctors?  Did you compare statistics on the number of lawyers each year who are subjected to malpractice suits to the number of doctors?

I mean, seriously, you talk out of your ass more than anyone I've heard on this board.   

Dude you really are a moron.  The bar does not even closely monitor lawyers practices as much as doctors are under scrutiny.  Also, people have a helluva lot more incentive to sue a doctor. 

Not to mention the fact that if a lawyer screwed a person over, do you think they are going to think "I better go find another lawyer?"

So what TTT do you attend?  Still bitter about your dismal future?

The AAMC decides how many people get into medical school each year and how many make it through.  THEN, residency programs are extremely competitive, which assures that the best and brightest get into them.

Sure, there are always exceptions, but the system works.  There are many more competent doctors in the world than there are competent lawyers. 

Also, if you take the AVERAGE, there are going to be many more competent lawyers who came out of top law schools than TTTs or TTTTs.

Contrary to what your mommy told you, not everyone can be whatever they want to be.

Regardless of WHY they are going to law school, someone that has been sub-average in LSAT, GPA, and everything else does not deserve to become a lawyer. 

This argument has come forth many times.  Doctors, dentists, and other professionals are limited on how many can be produced per year.  Lawyers can destroy a person's life just as these other professionals can.  That being said, why should we permitting some sub-average Joe to graduate a horrible TTT or TTTT and then go out and open up a practice?  It just isn't right.

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